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Our purpose is to help build a healthy Saskatchewan.

Our vision is to create lives that people never thought possible.

Who are we?

We remains a locally owned and operated family oriented business. We love the city we live in, we love what we do, and we are passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals. We began with a belief in offering an exceptional member experience and we continue to strive for this today.  Through the love of fitness, strength, physical culture, and continuing education Synergy Strength's goal is to improve our members' quality of life, while building a fit community in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

I have been to traditional gym’s before with no coach or group of people cheering and helping me along the way to being fit. That has never worked out for me.
— Rod Janzen, Central Member
It’s not about the individual PR’s but rather proving to yourself that you can achieve things you never thought possible.
— Dave Norrie "LT"
Coaches made it enjoyable, they tell you to leave the ego at home - all the people who are in it with you have the same goal and you have the support of everyone.
— Al Senko, NE member
Synergy has such kind staff, who not only greet you with a smile but are building a community.
— Kaylee Eden, Central Member

A gym for any body.