Teams of 4 — 2 male & 2 female

  • RX’d - The most challenging division and the highest level of load and skill work programmed. Rx’d division atheltes should be capable of HS walking, HSPUs, MU, and heavy weightlifting. If you regularly or always RX gym workouts then this is your division! Rx’d teams compete on Saturday February 01st, 2020.

  • OPEN - Between the RX’d and BEGINNER divisions in loading, skill sets required. If you have competed before or have 1+ years experience within our sport this is your division. Skills such as HSPU’s and C2B pull-ups will be useful, but not required. Capacity to do pull-ups, DU’s, and moderate load weightlifitng will be required. Open teams compete on Sunday February 02nd, 2020.

  • BEGINNER - For those who have never competed or are newer to the competition scene. The workouts will be scaled and modified to ensure that everyone can compete. If you have more than 3-12 months of experience this is the correct division. Beginner teams compete on Saturday February 01st, 2020.