What is weightlifting?

In competitive Olympic Weightlifting, there are two lifts contested – the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk.  Each athlete has three attempts at each lift, and the sum of their best Snatch and best Clean & Jerk is their Total.  The goal is to execute a proper lift with as heavy a weight as possible. If there is a tie, the lifter with the lightest bodyweight is given a higher ranking.  In both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, once the weight is lifted the athlete must wait until the referee gives the down signal to lower the weight. The lifter must demonstrate control and stability of the bar; otherwise, the referees will declare a “no lift” ruling and the lift will be deemed as a failed attempt.

Weightlifting at Synergy StrENgth

Weightlifting is a sport we take great pride in our coaches and athletes have coached at national and international levels and continue to support the sport beyond the walls of Synergy by hosting clinics and seminars for athletes. We spend time with our athletes on a weekly basis in coached classes and via video messaging as we want to ensure the best experience possible for athletes when they walk through our doors.  Athletes receive;

- coached class times (4 hours/week) 

- access to coaching via video messaging outside of the coached classes

- programming individualized to the athlete

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