• Patio/Lounge:

    • The dock at Synergy Strength (over 1200 sq/ft) will be converted into a patio serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks along with BBQ’d food for purchase. The patio will become a socialization and chill-out area for all spectators and athletes

  • Athlete Area:

    • Voodoo will have a full warm-up area for all athletes (over 3000 sq/ft) with all the equipment necessary. There will also be an outdoor athlete “chill-out” zone available to relax in the shade.

  • Recovery Zone:

    • Synergy Sports Therapy will have staff on hand throughout the day for chiropractic, massage, and physiotherpay services (free for all athletes), along with access to Air Relax recovery boots, percussion massage tools, inversion therapy, and hot/cold therapy. These services will all be free to athletes


Colin and Tyler will be on the mics again over the Voodoo weekend.

Tyler Siwak

Tyler Siwak

Colin Hoeft

Colin Hoeft

  • We will have two sources of media at Voodoo this year. We will of be using Emma Love Photography for all the high quality photos that you are used to, see past images from other events by clicking on links - (2019 CIC and 2018 VOODOO). These photos will be available after competition date free for download on the Synergy SmugMug site.

  • We will also have photographers live at each location taking photos of each event and heat and uploading to IG and FB throughout the day for viewing.

  • Lastly, we are planning to have SaskTel on Demand on site to video and create a promotional video for Voodoo. See the 2018 video below.