CROSSFIT WOD's July 10-16, 2017.



>>>Pre WOD

A. Snatch 50-60%x3, 3(70%x3)

B. Clean and jerk 2(50%x2), 70-80%x2, 85-90%x1

C. HS walk practice or foundations

**if walking - select a certain distance to do unbroken in 6 min

**If still learning - continue with Hs walk into wall


A1.  Bench Press 3(90%x3)

A2. Strict pull-ups or MU’s 3xreps

B. “Squat Isabel”

45 snatches for time @ 95/135#

**must be full snatches




A. Back squat 2x2 @ +15-30kg from June 13 loads

B. “w”

21-15-9 of;

- Deadlift @ 135/185#

- Box jump 18/24”

- HSPU’s

**Box jumps - step down or step up, but must show control on top of the box

>>>Post WOD

A. Complete work;

- Run 800m

- 20 sets of 20 or 30 unbroken DU’s

- Run 800m

**the DU sets re not to be max or even close to it.  The goal is to choose a set of unbroken that is easy and repeat it with structured breaks



Wednesday Team Weightlifting

A. Push jerk + Jerk 5(80%x1+2)

B. Snatch 2(50%x3), 70-80%x2, 90-95%x1, 2(80%x2)

C. Clean 2(50%x3), 70-80%x2, 90-95%x1, 2(80%x2)

D. Front squats 8(75%x1)

E. Clean deadlift to shrug 3(110%x1)

F. Press 12x1 - EMOM @ heavy load

**if successful last week add small load


A. Jerk from rack 10x2 EMOM @ moderate load

B. “insta”

6 rounds for time;

- Run 200m or Row 250m

- 15 wall balls

- 10 DB push press @ 30/45#

- 1 rope climb



>>>Pre WOD

A. Drop snatch 3x3

B. Clean and jerk 50-60%x3, 3(70%x3)

C. Deadlift 2(855x2), 2(90%x1)


A. Max snatch - build to max single...yes after pre deadlifts

C. “Clubber”

5min AMRAP

- 5 MU’s

- 10 Power clean @ 105/155#



>>>Pre WOD

A. Bench press 3(80%x6)


A. “Friendship Friday”

Alternate with a partner - AMRAP in 38min

- 1 Axle clean and jerk @ 165/255#

- 4 Strict HSPU’s

- 150m Row


Synergy Saturday Weightlifting

A. Muscle snatch + power snatch 3x1+1 - moderate build as warm-up

B. Snatch 5(82.5%x2)

C. Clean and jerk 4(82.5%x2)

D. Back squat 4x2 @ +5-10kg from June 12 loads

E. Clean sumo grip deadlifts 4(110%x2)


A. Back squat 4x2 @ +5-10kg from June 13 loads

B. “rrrroll”

3 rounds for time;

- 30 pull-ups

- 30 push-ups

- 100 DU’s

>>>Team training

A. Run/Swim/Run with Laurie



Rest Day

- Active Recovery (go for a hike, swim, bike ride, run, walk, paddle board, kayak, yoga, foam roll, stretch, etc. - do so at low intensity only - this is a recovery session)


A. Skin the cats on rings - play and practice (with spotters)

B. “vacation”

4 rounds for time;

- 10 thrusters @ 95/135#

- 10 burpees facing bar

- 20 calories Row