CrossFit WOD's May 29-April 04, 2017

Monday May 29, 2017


>>>Pre WOD

A. Snatch 50-60-70%x3, 80%x2, 90%x1, 3(80%x2)

B. Strict volume work for 14 min (7 each);

- Pull-ups

- HSPU’s

**EMOM - choose a number you can maintain for the time and hit quality work on each


A. Bench press 6x1 - build to max effort

B. “Cruzer”

In teams of 3-4 complete 6 rounds of;

- 20 push press/partner @ 75/115#

- 1 rope climb/partner

**each partner must do a rope climb, but the push press can be shared in any way.

SKILLS Sessions:

A. Pre-class work

Regional Team:

>>>Pre WOD

A. Snatch 50-60-70%x3, 80%x2, 90%x1, 2(80%x2)

>>>In Class

A. Bench press 6x3 @ moderate load

B. “Cruzer”

**just take it easy and work at 85% not maximal - do work on cut rope.

Tuesday May 30, 2017


>>>Pre WOD

A. Clean and jerk 4(75%x2)


A. Deadlift 5(82.5%x2)

B. “kids”

21-5-9 of;

- Power clean and jerk @ 95/135#

- T2B

>>>Post Class

4 rounds for time;

- 500m row

- 400m run

Regional Team:

A. Clean and jerk 4(70%x2)


A. Deadlift 7(65%x2)

B. “kids”

21-5-9 of;

- Power clean and jerk @ 75/115#

- sit-ups

**this will be quick.

Wednesday May 30, 2017


Synergy Weightlifting

A. Jerk from rack 5(65%x4)

B. High pull snatches 4x3 - playing

C. Snatch high pull  + Power snatch  waves 3(55%x1+3, 65%x1+1, 60%x1+2)

**very short breaks

D. Clean high pull + Power clean  waves 3(55%x1+3, 65%x1+1, 60%x1+2)

E1. One arm standing DB press 5x5/arm

E2. Pull-ups  5x2-5 (load if necessary or complete 2 negatives)

**rest as needed


A. GHD sit-ups - play and learn how to do - 10 min

**If you already are familiar please complete 20 strict hanging leg raises in its place

B. “edition”

Complete 4 rounds for time;

- 30 KBS

- 20 DB bench press @ 30/45#

Regional Team:

A. Back squat 3(70%x3)

B. Press 3(50%x4)

C. Clean shrugs 3(70%x4)

D. Air bike 15/20cal every 4 min @ 85% effort

**roll and release the remainder of time at the gym

Thursday June 01, 2017


>>>Pre WOD

A. HS walk practice

- Foundational work if you do not have skill (wall walk-up, wall kick-up, shoulder shifts, shrugs, shoulder taps.

- 6-8 set of 10’ sections if you do have

B1. Power snatch 3x8 @ 50%

B2. Power clean 3x8 @ 50%

B3. Snatch high pull 3x8 @ 50%

B4. Clean shrug 3x8 @ 50%

B5. Front squat 3x8 @ 50%

**shoot for 60sec rest between sets and 4 min between circuits


A. Back squat 3x3 @ +20-30lbs from May 09th loads

B. “Row intervals”

- 30sec for calories - every 4 min x 6 rounds

**If this looks easy….you are nuts!

SKILLS Sessions:

A. Pre-class work

Regional Team:

Rest day or ,move a BB around to stay loose….that is it.

Friday June 02, 2017


>>>Pre WOD

A. Push press 4x3 - across


A. Friendship Friday

In partners complete (share all work as needed);

4 rounds of;

- 20 Deadlifts @ 175/275#

- 50 DU’s (each)

Rest 3 min

2 rounds of;

- 10 power clean @ 155/225#

- 16 burpee pull-ups

Rest 3 min

- 60 OHS @ 95/135#

- 80 Pull-ups

Rest 3 min

150 empty bar thrusters @ 35/45#

**time cap 40 min

Saturday June 03, 2017


>>>Pre WOD

Synergy Sat Weightlifting

A. Drop snatch + hang snatch + OHS 5(65%x1+2+2)

B. Mid thigh clean + low hang clean + front squat 4(65%x1+2+1)

C. Back squats (wraps) 3x6 @ minus 5-10kg from May 09th load

D. Clean sumo grip deadlifts to knees (hold 3 sec) 4(85%x4)


A. Back squat 3x6 @ 10-20lbs under May 09th load

B. “more”

12-9-6 of;

- Box jump overs @ 18/24”

- DB push press @ 30/45#

Rest 4 min then complete;

12-9-6 of;

- Ring rows

- DB front rack walking lunges

>>>Team training

CANCELLED due to regionals

Sunday June 04, 2017


Rest Day

- Active Recovery (go for a hike, swim, bike ride, run, walk, paddle board, kayak, yoga, foam roll, stretch, etc. - do so at low intensity only - this is a recovery session)


A. KB TGU 10 singles (5l/5r) all at heavy load

B. “Parking lot”

**cone off lot if nice out

In partners accumulate AMRAP in 20 min of;

- 2 lengths run (gym or lot)

- 10 russian KBS @ 24/32kg