Mental Muscle 2 - With Lou-Anne Stefankiw

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12-Week Mental Muscle Program

The Mental Muscle Program is designed to be a structured support group that will aid and empower participants on their fitness journey. Most people who start the path to greater fitness and improved wellness, whether it is to enhancing eating practices, joining a gym, or simply to be more active on a daily basis run into barriers to true success. These barriers can be small or large, but inevitably become roadblocks to long-term success and happiness. The Mental Muscle Program is designed to support the “process” and the “path” that individuals are on, regardless of the end goal. It is important to most individuals to have a foundation of support to lean on when these barriers arise – the Mental Muscle Program can be that foundation.

This 12-week program is built as a support group as well as a mental/physical development program for those involved. Each week a different topic will be discussed, a basic overview is below;

1) Identifying your WHY.

- What is the bigger picture reason WHY you want to train, exercise, be successful?

- What motivates you?

2) Knowing yourself.

- Taking the emotional component out and looking at yourself truthfully

- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you notice about people around you when you are at your best or at your worst?

3) Learning to be aware of your actions – What are your thoughts?

- What are your first thoughts when things get hard?

- When have you mentally broken down? What were you saying to yourself?

4) Listening to your body

- Learning to tap into that inner fire and knowing of your own body

- What are the natural physiological signs you feel/experience?

5) Knowing and identifying your natural processes

- What happens to you before a big life event or competition?

- When did you feel successful? What was happening?

6) Honouring the Body

- Gratitude for the body

- Focus on what you CAN do not what you CAN NOT do

- Learning how to nurture one self properly

7) Motivation

- What motivates you?

- Who motivates you?

- Create rituals for success

8) Paradox – Knowing the light/dark, slow movement vs. relaxing movement

- There is room for all types of movement

- Sometimes the best movement requires slowing down and resting, sometimes it is grinding through and pushing hard. Both are necessary.

- Knowing the light and dark aspects of yourself to maximize success

9) Learning from the past

- Your past is a multitude of experiences that are full of lessons for you to learn. It is important to learn them so that you don’t have to keep making the same mistake over and over

- Some experiences are hard. With those experiences, often times it can expose the greatest skills for you.

10) Creating Support

- Who do you have around you? Are these people helping encourage you in your goals and dreams truly?

- It is really easy to have anyone around you. It is really challenging to have the people around you that you know truly see you, see you getting to your goals and totally and completely support you in that process

11) How do you approach how you eat?

- What are your thoughts about how you approach eating?

- Are you in a lack mindset, or abundant mindset. Ex) I only get to eat so much food when cutting vs. I am so happy and grateful that I get to follow what I love to do and get my body where it will be performing at its best

12) Taking things to the next level. If you were ultimately where you want to be, what would that look like?

- Create a dream board of where you want to be. Visualization is a powerful tool in getting to where you want to be.

The 12-week process is not linear, but an ever evolving process. It is easier to bring out our true potential in work, life, and fitness with the support and care of a group – this is what the Mental Muscle program is designed to do.

This program is truly for you if;

- You feel like you need support in certain aspects of your life

- You feel stuck in your regular work/life routine

- You need greater internal motivation to achieve your goals, no matter what they are

- You believe a positive group atmosphere can be beneficial

- You want to start feeling better and move towards inner and outer happiness

- You feel stuck in performance and athletic progress

How does the Program work?

Where – Synergy Strength and Conditioning

When: Tuesday May 2nd - June 25th @ 7:00pm

Cost - $99/month for three months

Capacity – maximum 8 participants