KIDS - Learn to Weightlift (Cubs Program)

KIDS - Learn to Weightlift Program @ Synergy Strength

As part of our "learn to" series of strength sport courses Synergy Strength will be adding KIDS - weightlifitng as a course starting Monday May 15th @ 5:00pm.  Classes will be twice a week (Monday and Tuesday...back to back) and will be led by Coach Chad. 

This program will be considered a lengthy "onramp" for kids into the CrossFit Kids program.  The kids program at Synergy Strength is a progressive and offers a fantastic opportunity for kids to get invovled in weight training - the goal is not true strength, but more so quality of movement and sport understanding.  All kids that join the CrossFit kids program receive a "log book" of programs, which we call the "BEARS"

 The kids "bear" levels and report card for lifting.  

The kids "bear" levels and report card for lifting.  


The full kids "BEARS" program is over 72 training sessions and is designed to take kids 5-8 months to achieve and complete.  The "LEARN TO" program will expose the kids to the beginner program "CUBS" and allow them to start their path into weightlifitng and gymnastics if they choose to continue.  Kids will learn the foundations of the squat, deadlift, snatch, clean, and jerk as well as a few other assistant exercises.  The goal is fun, learning, and athletic development. 

WHO IS THIS FOR? - Kids ages 8-12

WHEN - Monday May 15th, 2017-June 06, 2017. (Monday and Tuesday evenings)

COST - $85

REGISTER - please contact Synergy Strength @ 306-979-9348 or for more details or to get registered.