Synergy Summer Shred - Starting May 08th, 2017.

Are we excited?? You bet we are!! 

Helping our Synergy family be their best is a top priority for us.

The Shred program has helped MANY Synergy family members learn the basics of, and the importance of nutrition to crush WOD's, feel like a million bucks and as a consequence, look like a million bucks! 

This next SUMMER SHRED will introduce a new format to take your health and wellness to another level. We know the power of being surrounded by common-minded, goal-focused individuals. It's so important that this Summer Shred will have a 45 min group meeting every Monday for 12 weeks

If you've experienced fatigue, no desire to workout, low libido, difficulty sleeping, the "which size pants do I wear this month" syndrome, then the Summer Shred is for you!!


Dates:      Starts Monday May 8th / Ends Monday July 24th

Times:      6 pm AND 7 pm classes to choose from

Location:  Synergy Central on Quebec Ave

Cost:         $89 per month   


***Registration is limited to 15 participants per time slot. CALL 306.979.9348 TODAY to get your preferred time! ***