CrossFit April 03-09, 2017.


Synergy Strength is happy to announce that we are opening registration for a new program called the "8 WEEK KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE" with Coach Lane Britnell.  Coach Lane is the Kettlebell guru and we are so happy to have him on board @ Synergy as his passion for training and wellness is highly infectious and his knowledge is immense.  Lane currently coaches our kettlebell foundations and performance classes @ Synergy, but this "challenge" is meant expose more people to what Kettlebell (KB) training is all about and introduce trainees (beginner, intermediate, and advanced to the true training models of the KB).  Most people know the Kettlebell swing and its use for conditioning in bootcamps and fitness classes, but the KB is so much more than that, the KB is a tool for strength, conditioning, rehab, and improved athletic performance when used correctly - Coach Lane's passion and desire is to expose the world to this tool and open its possibilities up to the end  

The KB challenge - "Simple and Sinister" is a program popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline of Strong First and has been successfully completed by thousands of trainees - it is a proven results based program.  

Lane will be introducing the program/challenge to everyone on Wednesday April 19th @ 7:00pm (1 hour).  Lane will cover how the program will work and what the process of training will look like for the 8 weeks.  Trainees will have open access to train at Synergy as needed (6am-9pm weekdays and 9am-1pm weekends) and will have access to Coach Lane every Saturday @ 10:00am following the initial Wednesday introduction session.  





Synergy Strength is extremely excited to kickstart our newest program - GIRLS GONE STRONG, a program geared toward the empowerment of women involved in strength training.  This program will be led by our extremely talented Coach Lauren Taylor, who is a certified kettlebell instructor, weightlifitng coach, and ex Huskie tack and field athlete.  Lauren is passionate about fitness, health, wellness, training, and is a wealth of knoweldge within the strength sports world. 

Girls Gone Strong (GGS) is designed for new and intermediate trainees looking to join other like minded women who have an interest in strength and conditioning.  We are offering two sessions; one for ADULTS and one for TEENS.  Our goal is to not only offer programming for adult ladies, but also influence youth to get invovled in sport and weight training.  Women should not be intimidated or pushed away from strength sports, but in fact encouraged to take part and become strong, empowered, and embrace strength as a part of positive body image.  This is NOT your typical ladies fitness program, it is so much more.  Coach Lauren is going to introduce all trainees to the following movements (not limited to these of course);

- Turkish get-ups

- KB swings

- Presses

- Deadlifts

- Squats

- and so much more....

The mission and purpose of GGS is to;
1. Introduce and encourage women to be involved in strength training
2. Develop a positive outlook and mindset towards strength training and its benefits
3. Create a stress free and judgement free zone for women trainees

4. Encourage women to join strength sports (weightlifitng, powerlifting, strongman, and kettlebell) if interest exists

5. Improve quality of life for participants through increased self esteem, self worth, and improved body image.

ADULT GGS CLASSES are to run Tuesday and Friday @ 6:00pm

TEEN GGS CLASSES are to run Tuesday and Friday @ 7:00pm (under 18 years of age)

**We separated the age categories to encourage similar peer groups for training

Classes will begin Tuesday April 18th, 2017 @ Synergy Strength.  

COST - $120/month for a minimum of 2 months.

To register please contact Synergy Strength @ (306)979-9348 or



>>>Pre Class

A. Snatch 40-50-60%x3, 2(72.5%x4, 82.5%x3, 62.5%x5)

B. Clean and jerk 40-50-60%x3, 2(72.5%x3, 82.5%x2, 62.5%x4)

C. HS foundational work - 3-5 min

- Wall walk-up x3

- Wall Kick-ups x3

** 5 sec holds on above drills

- BW shrugs - 1x facing and 1x back to wall

- BW shifts L to R - 1x facing and 1x back to wall

- Shoulder taps 1x facing and 1x back to wall

D. Volume work x 12 min total, alternating work on;

- Jumping pull-up with negative, pull-up to neck, or strict MU

- HS walk in circle on box, HS walk

**shoot for reps that you can do unbroken and simply add volume (reps) each week over the next 4 weeks if successful.

>>>In Class

A. Bench Press 2(3.5.3)

**waves at the same load.  The challenging sets will be the 5’s, but keep the same load for the sets of 3’s.  Increase load on wave 2 by 5-10#

B. “accurate”

Complete 5 rounds;

- 5 HSPU’s

- 8 T2B

Rest 2 min

Complete 5 rounds of;

- 35 DU’s

- 15 KBS @ 16/24kg

Rest 2 min

Complete 5 rounds of;

- 3 MU’s

- 10 front squats @ 95/135#

SKILLS Sessions:

A. Pre-class work



>>>In Class

A. Deadlift 81%x3, 85%x2, 3(88.5%x1)

B. “Stories”

Complete 3 rounds for time of;

- 15 pull-ups

- 35 wall ball

- 5 snatch (full) @ 115/185#

>>>Post Class

A. Complete;

- Run 400m @ 50-60%

- 400m ski erg

- 800m row

- 12oom air bike

3 rounds for time

**complete runs at 50-60% effort - this is the start of running season, we need to softly enter into this to lessen injuries and overload.  We WILL be running a tonne over the summer, but we need to start slowly to allow the body to adapt correctly rather than a summer of shin splints.



Synergy Wednesday Weightlifting

Weightlifting circuit training; (calm will survive)

@ 0min - Power snatch

@ 3min - Power clean

@ 6 min - Snatch pull

@ 9min - Clean shrug

@ 12 min - Front squat

@ 15min - Press

@ 18 min - Deadlift

@ 24min - start circuit 2.

Circuit 1 - 50% load on all lifts x 15 reps

Circuit 2 - 55% load on all lifts x 12 reps

**goal is to go unbroken on all reps (not necessarily tng, but steady pace).  Work should not take longer than 90sec each circuit - if it is then the loads need to be adjusted...not rest.  Adjust loads down slightly

>>>In class

A. Yoke walks - 6 gym lengths at moderate load

B. “KBC”

In groups of three complete;

- Loaded sled pull x 2 gym lengths @ 90/180#

- 6 burpees

**Rotate through partners for an AMRAP in 22 min



>>>Pre Class

A. Oly circuit;

@ 0min - Power snatch

@ 2:45min - Power clean

@ 5:30 min - Snatch pull

@ 8:15min - Clean shrug

@ 11 min - Front squat

@ 13:45min - Press

@ 16:30 min - Deadlift

@ 21 min - start circuit 2.

Circuit 1 - 50% load on all lifts x 15 reps

Circuit 2 - 55% load on all lifts x 12 reps

**this should be done on Wednesday night weightlifting or as a double day wod broken apart by at least a couple hours.

>>>In Class

A. Back squat 5(70%+10-30#x3)

**this number should be based off last weeks Tuesday Squat numbers.

B. “bank”

AMRAP in 90sec of;

- 1 rope climb

- 8 Thrusters @ 65/95#

Every 5 min x 4 rounds

**effort needs to be high on each interval….do not pace.

SKILLS Sessions:

A. Pre-class work



>>>Pre Class

A. Press 3x3 - build to heavy

B. Push Press 2xreps @ top press load from A.

>>>In Class

A. “hdmi”

AMRAP in 30min;

- HSPU’s

- Hang cleans @ 75/115# (full)

- GHD sit-ups

- DU’s (double reps)

15-13-11-9-7-5-3-1 and back up.



- Synergy Saturday weightlifting

Cancelled due to CF LV 1 cert

>>>In Class

A. Tactical Strength Challenge

Drop in to Synergy NE to complete the TSC, which is;

- Max deadlift

- Max pull-ups to neck or flexed arm hang for time

- 5 min AMRAP KB snatch