Kettlebell Challenge - Simple and Sinister

Synergy Strength is happy to announce that we are opening registration for a new program called the "8 WEEK KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE" with Coach Lane Britnell.  Coach Lane is the Kettlebell guru and we are so happy to have him on board @ Synergy as his passion for training and wellness is highly infectious and his knowledge is immense.  Lane currently coaches our kettlebell foundations and performance classes @ Synergy, but this "challenge" is meant expose more people to what Kettlebell (KB) training is all about and introduce trainees (beginner, intermediate, and advanced to the true training models of the KB).  Most people know the Kettlebell swing and its use for conditioning in bootcamps and fitness classes, but the KB is so much more than that, the KB is a tool for strength, conditioning, rehab, and improved athletic performance when used correctly - Coach Lane's passion and desire is to expose the world to this tool and open its possibilities up to the end  

The KB challenge - "Simple and Sinister" is a program popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline of Strong First and has been successfully completed by thousands of trainees - it is a proven results based program.  

Lane will be introducing the program/challenge to everyone on Wednesday April 19th @ 7:00pm (1 hour).  Lane will cover how the program will work and what the process of training will look like for the 8 weeks.  Trainees will have open access to train at Synergy as needed (6am-9pm weekdays and 9am-1pm weekends) and will have access to Coach Lane every Saturday @ 10:00am following the initial Wednesday introduction session.  


- $99/course only (Wednesday April 19th @ 7:00pm)

- $120/course and monthly memebrship (minimum 2 months) 

REGISTRATION - contact Synergy Strength @ (306)979-9348 or