GIRLS GONE STRONG - 8 Week Bootcamp

Synergy Strength is extremely excited to continue - GIRLS GONE STRONG, a program geared toward the empowerment of women involved in strength training.  This program will be led by our extremely talented Coach Lauren Taylor, who is a certified kettlebell instructor, weightlifitng coach, and ex Huskie tack and field athlete.  Lauren is passionate about fitness, health, wellness, training, and is a wealth of knoweldge within the strength sports world. 

Girls Gone Strong (GGS) is designed for new and intermediate trainees looking to join other like minded women who have an interest in strength and conditioning.  Women should not be intimidated or pushed away from strength sports, but in fact encouraged to take part and become strong, empowered, and embrace strength as a part of positive body image.  This is NOT your typical ladies fitness program, it is so much more.  Coach Lauren is going to introduce all trainees to the following movements (not limited to these of course);

- Turkish get-ups

- KB swings

- Presses

- Deadlifts

- Squats

- and so much more....

The mission and purpose of GGS is to;
1. Introduce and encourage women to be involved in strength training
2. Develop a positive outlook and mindset towards strength training and its benefits
3. Create a stress free and judgement free zone for women trainees
4. Encourage women to join strength sports (weightlifitng, powerlifting, strongman, and kettlebell) if interest exists
5. Improve quality of life for participants through increased self esteem, self worth, and improved body image.

- GGS CLASSES are to run Wednesday and Friday @ 6:00pm

Classes will begin Wednesday June 14th, 2017 @ Synergy Strength.  

COST - $120/month for a minimum of 2 months.

To register please contact Synergy Strength @ (306)979-9348 or