CrossFit March 13-19, 2017.


The following is the Level 2&3 schedule for all those doing pre and post class work...listen to your bodies please. 

MONDAY - pre-class Oly (heavy full comp day) + gymnastics strength + group class

TUESDAY - pre-class light/cyclical OLY and gymnastics + strongman work + group class + optional post class aerobic work

WEDNESDAY - group class + moderate aerobic work post class (do based on feel and energy levels)

THURSDAY - Active recovery day - do all work with no focus on speed/intensity, just do light work.  Do NOT do class - only the active recovery wod. 

FRIDAY - OPEN WOD (first run - full out with no holding pack.  Create a plan, stick to it and act as if this was your only shot at it)

SATURDAY - rest day with stretching/foam rolling/etc.

SUNDAY - OPEN WOD (second run at the wod - community day)

SKILLS classes are moving to;

Monday 9am and 6pm

Tuesday 9am and 6pm

**This schedule will be maintained throughout the OPEN

RULES of the OPEN:

- We do the workout twice - Friday and Sunday only.  No doing the workout three everyday to get a better score.  One should not need that many attempts to do well - plan for two runs at it and then move on with your training. 

- Have fun, don't take things to seriously

- Partake in the inner club team spirit challenges.

17.3 WOD Recap

The 12-week Mental Muscle Program is designed to be a structured support group that will aid and empower participants on their fitness journey. Most people who start the path to greater fitness and improved wellness, whether it is to enhancing eating practices, joining a gym, or simply to be more active on a daily basis run into barriers to true success. These barriers can be small or large, but inevitably become roadblocks to long-term success and happiness. The Mental Muscle Program is designed to support the “process” and the “path” that individuals are on, regardless of the end goal. It is important to most individuals to have a foundation of support to lean on when these barriers arise – the Mental Muscle Program can be that foundation.  This 12-week program is built as a support group as well as a mental/physical development program for those involved. 



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre Class

A. Snatch 2(50%x2), 2(60%x2), 2(70%x2)

B. Clean + jerk + front squat + jerk 4(70%x1+1+1+1)

C1. Rope climbs 8x1

C2. Strict HSPU’s 8x reps

**work off the reps from last week (add one or continue with the same if not able to compete all sets)  

>>>In Class

A. Back squats 4(85%x3)

B. “bear”

AMRAP in 75sec of;

- 2 Deadlift @ 95/135#

- 2 Hang power clean @ 95/135#

- 2 S2O @ 95/135#

- 4 burpees

Every 4 min x 4 rounds

**start each round where you left off.

SKILLS Sessions:

A. Pre-class work



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. 3 position snatch 4(65%x1+1+1)

**3pos = snatch, mid snatch, full snatch.  Goal is to receive the bar at multiple positions smoothly.

B. Power clean + push jerk 4(70%x2)

C. Tire flips x20

**flip back and forth NOT for time with partner if you can.

>>>In Class

A. Bench press 4(80%x6), 1x15

B. “Partitioned”

- 50 box jumps @ 20/24”

- 50 jumping pull-ups

- 50 walking lunges

- 50 KTE

- 50 push press @ 35/45#

- 50 good mornings @ 35/45#

- 50 wall ball @ 14/20#

- 50 DU’s

**AMRAP in 5 min, rest 2 min, AMRAP in 4 min, rest 2 min, AMRAP in 3 min, Rest 2 min, AMRAP in 2 min, rest 2 min, AMRAP in 1 min

**Start each round where you left off.  15min of total work.  It is likely you will not finish the reps, but get as far as you can.

SKILLS Session:

A. Pre-class work



Synergy Wednesday Weightlifting

A. Snatch 2(70-75-80%x2)

B. Clean and jerk 2(70-75-80%x2)

C. Snatch pulls 3(90%x3)

D. Front squats 3(80%x2)

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. Deadlift - building (refer to 2 weeks ago r loads - use “prepare” button on Sugar wod)

B. “Leneh”

3 rounds for time of;

- 1000m row

- 21 Kettlebell swing @ 16/24kg

- 12 T2B

>>>Post Class

A. Complete EMOM of;

- Min 1 - air bike (20sec)

- Min 2 - 8-12 GHD sit-ups

- Min 3 - Ski erg (20sec)

- Min 4 - 12 walking lunges

4 rounds for reps

**on bike and erg; do 20 sec of work in first round to find calorie number that you will maintain for all future rounds



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. TGU x10 - work with different loads and do not be afraid to go heavy, but not maximal.  Work on all positions and ensure perfect movement

B. KBS (russian) 8x10 - rest 60sec between sets.  All sets are unbroken and must be done with a moderate load bell

C1. HSPU strict + kipping (equal number of reps on each)

C2. MU’s (bar or ring) or pull-ups to neck

**EMOM x 12 total min - you choose the number of reps on each, but keep low (1-4). Practice form/position and do not get fatigued.

D. Row/skierg/airbike - 10 min at low intensity

E. 10-30 min mobility

>>>In Class

A. Russian KBS 8x10 - rest 1 min between sets (use heavy load)

B. “checkmark”

In partners alternate work for AMRAP in 15 min;

- 4 DB alt. Power snatches @ 30/50#

- 4 gym length sprints

- 4 burpees

**alternate each round, not each movement.



>>>In Class

“CF OPEN 17.4”



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


- Synergy Saturday weightlifting

A. Snatch 2(50%x2), 60%x2, 70-82.5-87.5-92.5%x1) - build to max after

B. Clean and jerk 2(50%x2), 60%x2, 70-75-80%x2

C. Front squats 3(85%x2)

D. Snatch pulls 2(100%x2), 2(105%x2)

>>>In Class

A. Press + Push press + jerk 1+1+1 - build to heavy set. 

B. "Disk"
AMRAP in 60sec of;
- 8 push-ups
- 6 box jump overs
- 4 Shoulder to overhead @ 75/115#
Every 4 min x 4 rounds



>>>In Class

“CF OPEN 17.4”