CrossFit WOD's February 27- March 05, 2017.


The following is the Level 2&3 schedule for all those doing pre and post class work...listen to your bodies please. 

MONDAY - pre-class Oly (heavy full comp day) + gymnastics strength + group class

TUESDAY - pre-class light/cyclical OLY and gymnastics + strongman work + group class + optional post class aerobic work

WEDNESDAY - group class + moderate aerobic work post class (do based on feel and energy levels)

THURSDAY - Active recovery day - do all work with no focus on speed/intensity, just do light work.  Do NOT do class - only the active recovery wod. 

FRIDAY - OPEN WOD (first run - full out with no holding pack.  Create a plan, stick to it and act as if this was your only shot at it)

SATURDAY - rest day with stretching/foam rolling/etc.

SUNDAY - OPEN WOD (second run at the wod - community day)

SKILLS classes are moving to;

Monday 9am and 6pm

Tuesday 9am and 6pm

**This schedule will be maintianed throughout the OPEN

RULES of the OPEN:

- We do the workout twice - Friday and Sunday only.  No doing the workout three everyday to get a better score.  One should not need that many attempts to do well - plan for two runs at it and then move on with your training. 

- Have fun, don't take things to seriously

- Partake in the inner club team spirit challenges.

We will be splitting all those who take part in the open this year into wild cat TEAMS.  Members will be randomly selected to be on a team and each week we will be doing in-house scorekeeping and team spirit awards. The teams are; The Tigers, Pumas, Jaguars, and Panthers.  Each team has a team colors (indicated in the pic above) - wear your colors for the open workouts and especially on Sunday community day.  We will award team points for the following criteria;

- Team spirit - the team that represents the best team spirit via cheering and supporting the OPEN wins

- Team Scores - we will mark down all scores and average them (scaled and rx'd combined)

- Potluck - teams will be encouraged to bring snacks for the whole club - we will set out a table to put snacks on for spectators and athletes to munch on while training and cheering. 

- Team Colors - where your team color - the best dressed wins a points

**Each category earns a teams a point if they are tops and the points will be added together throughout the open in order to crown a victor at the end of the 5 weeks. 

OPEN WOD 17.2 - Announcement Thursday night @ 7:00pm



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre Class

A. Snatch pull + power snatch off blocks (above or below knee) 4(70%x2+1)

B. Clean shrug + power clean + push jerk 4(70%x1+1+1)

C. Yoke walks x 10 lengths of gym (all singles) with moderate load.  Do not overload with sore erectors

D. Backward OH med ball throws to wall for height x 3x5 total - rest as needed (10/16 or 12/20)

>>>In Class

A. Bench press 4x10 - across

B. “almedic”

AMRAP in 60sec of;

- 8 T2B

- 8 DB push press @ 35/50#

- 8 bar rows to chest

Rest 3 min x 8 rounds

**score max reps completed

**start each round where you left off the last

**Bar rows to chest - strap a bar to the rig in the j-cups with a band and complete “ring rows” but you must touch the chest to the bar.

SKILLS Sessions:

A. Pre-class work



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. Snatch 6(80%x2)

B. Clean and jerk 5(80%x2)

C1. Strict Pull-ups to neck 8x reps

C2. Strict HSPU’s 8x reps

**work off the reps from last week (add one or continue with the same if not able to compete all sets)

>>>In Class

A. Back squat 4(80%x4)

B. Partner WOD

“USB 3.0”

P1 - 4 min row for calories

P2 - 4 min AMRAP of;

- 10 push-ups

- 10 squat cleans @ 65/95#

Rest 4 min

Repeat x 2 rounds

**combine reps for score.

SKILLS Session:

A. Pre-class work

WEDNESDAY March 01, 2017


Synergy Wednesday Weightlifting

A. Snatch 3(85%x1), 2(75%x2)

B. Clean and jerk 2(85-90-95%x1), 2(75%x2)

C. Snatch pulls 2(90%x4,) 2(100%x2), 105%x2

D. Front squats  3(90%x2)

E. Back squat 2(60%x8)

Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>In class

A. Deadlift - building

B. “gigastone”

Complete 7 rounds for time of;

- 50 DU’s

- 8 pull-ups

- 8 shoulder to overhead @ 65/95#

>>>Post Class

A. With a partner complete;

- 60sec airbike

- rest 60sec

- 60sec ski erg

- rest 60sec

Repeat x 8 rounds @ 75% effort

** Think of this as aerobic base training intervals at a moderate intensity.  Do a round and then try to maintain work output per interval each round - work on pacing.

**Score total calories (although immaterial)

THURSDAY March 02, 2017


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. TGU x10 - work with different loads and do not be afraid to go heavy, but not maximal.  Work on all positions and ensure perfect movement

B. KBS (russian) 8x10 - rest 60sec between sets.  All sets are unbroken and must be done with a moderate load bell

C1. HSPU strict + kipping (equal number of reps on each)

C2. MU’s (bar or ring) or pull-ups to neck

**EMOM x 12 total min - you choose the number of reps on each, but keep low (1-4). Practice form/position and do not get fatigued.

D. Row/skierg/airbike - 10 min at low intensity

E. 10-30 min mobility

>>>In Class

A. KBS 8x15 - Every 2 min

B.  “secured by”

AMRAP in 15 min of;

- 5 box jumps @ 18/24”

- 5 box jump overs @ 18/24”

- 10 wall balls @ 14/20#

- 10 sit-ups

FRIDAY March 03, 2017


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>In Class

“CF OPEN 17.2”

SATURDAY March 04, 2017


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Active Recovery (go for a hike, swim, bike ride, run, walk, paddle board, kayak, yoga, foam roll, stretch, etc. - do so at low intensity only - this is a recovery session)

- Synergy Saturday weightlifting

A. Snatch 50-60-70-80-85-90%x1

B. Clean and jerk 50-60-70-80-85-90%x1

C. Front squat 3(80%x4)

D. Back squat 2(65%x6)

>>>In Class

A. Thruster - work to heavy triple in 20 min

B. "Singh"

Compelte 2 rounds of;

- 250m row

- 10 box jump overs @ 18/24"

- 10 push-ups

Rest 5 min - repeat. 

SUNDAY March 05, 2017


>>>In class

“CF OPEN 17.2”

- Community wod