CrossFit WOD's September 12-18, 2016.

NEW - CrossFit Masters Program.  We are advancing our masters program to 3x/week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @ 7:00pm).  This will start mid week this week as of September 01.  Do you have a grandparent, parent or friend you think should get involved in strength training and the social community of Synergy - send them our way and have them drop in to check out the masters program and what we are offering.  

Learn more HERE

NEW CrossFit Kids and Teens programs rolling out mid week (September 01) at Synergy.  The new schedule will be as follows;

4:30-5:00 - ages 4-7

5:00-6:00pm - ages 8-12

6:00-7:00pm - ages 13+ 

We have moved to structured class times and ages given some of the recent gym changes and class sizes.  This is  super cool program that all kids should get invovled in.  WE are always looking to add new kids to the program, if your little ones are interested please have them drop in for a free class after Sept 01. 

Learn more HERE

OPEN GYM - Synergy Strength is now offering open gym memberships to those interested in using the club for specialty sports, but not needing coaching or programming.  To learn more of this new offering contact

WEEKEND Strength Sport Coaches sessions are back.  Every weekend moving forward we will be having coaches available for led strength sports classes (2 hours).  We have been doing this for weightlifitng for the last few months now and will continue to do so in the sports of powerlifitng and strongman. The weekend schedule is;

POWERLIFITNG - Saturday 10-12

WEIGHTLIFTING - Saturday 10-12

**One can choose weightlifitng or powerlifting based on goals and needs. Weightlifitng Wednesday session is still available

STRONGMAN - Sunday 10-12 

**This is a super fun events based day of all kinds of things (log, stones, medleys, etc.) - think of it as a mini comp session each week with 2-4 implement training days. 

These session are open to anyone - come join us. 

 Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge

Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge

Synergy Strength is proud to announce that we will be hosting the very first Tactical Strength Challenge in Saskatoon.  We will be hosting it October 01, 2016 @ Synergy North East.  We will kick start the festivities at 10:00am - What is the Tactical Strength Challenge? Read more HERE. 

The old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Training is no different. If you lack a specific goal, the time you spend training may easily become a collection of random acts.
The StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge is a goal worthy of your efforts.
The three exercises that make up the Tactical Strength Challenge are:
  • A max powerlifting deadlift (three attempts)
  • Pull ups for max reps (palms forward, no kipping, neck must touch the bar) or a flexed arm hang (in the Novice Women’s category)
  • Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (unlimited hand switches and different weights for different competitor categories).
Preparing requires your focus on different types of strength and endurance—as demanded by real life’s challenge

Synergy Kettlebell Club coach Lane will be leading the group through the TSC - if you want more info please contact  If you want to get registered - please do so at -


 Friday night Rx'd teams and Elite individual competitors. 

Friday night Rx'd teams and Elite individual competitors. 

Masters 1&2 and Open Team champions

 Rx'd Teams - Top 3

Rx'd Teams - Top 3

 Elite Individuals - Top 5 males and females

Elite Individuals - Top 5 males and females

 The BCBD volunteers - many missing from this pic - a huge thank-you to you all. 

The BCBD volunteers - many missing from this pic - a huge thank-you to you all. 

BCBD 2016.  What an amazing weekend! I entered into this weekend very nervous as we were moving into a brand new facility with a lot of possible unknowns to deal with throughout the weekend.  Now that the weekend has passed and competition is done I must say that the 2016 BCBD was in fact the best BCBD to date.  The venue turned out to be a huge success, yes it was dark and a little dusty at times, but when the two fields were in full action it made up for any short comings the venue might have had.  All in all this comp was by far my favourite and by far my most enjoyable one to date. 

Weekends like this do not run so smoothly without the tireless help of the volunteers.  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and everyone of you who gave your time to helping move (dad, Stacy, Alex, Ian, Chelsea, Lou, etc.) all the equipment and set-up, judge all weekend long (to many to list here), marshal and prep the athletes (Carmen, Brander, Laureen, Sydney, Shelby, Pam, etc.), MC's (Dale, Ryles, and Steph), Dr. Mackenzie for his tireless work on the athletes (over 100 treatments), and head judges (Ian, Courtney, Sam, and Megan).  You all were so amazing and so helpful, I truly appreciate everything that you have done and the time you have given to the BCBD....thank-you.  

I also need to thank the sponsors for going above and beyond - prizes (Blonyx, JaktRx, and Hercs), Vendors (Virus and TFF), and title sponsors of River Landing dental, and equipment sponsors Fitness Solutions.   You all have given so much to making this event be a true success - thank-you for your time and energy.  

Lastly I would like to thank the athletes for supporting and dedicating themselves to the BCBD - you all worked so hard and did so much over the three days of competition and I appreciate all the work you put in.  You guys are the best. 

I truly believe this was the best BCBD we have ever hosted and one of the most exciting events we have ever put on.  We had over 300 competitors from all across Canada (from Toronto to Victoria) attend the comp and we had one of the best group of volunteers ever. 



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. Back squats 4.3.2 - building

B. Complete for time;

4 rounds of;

- 8 pull-ups

- 10 lunges

- 12 box jumps 18/24”

2 rounds of;

- 10 pull-ups

- 12 lunges

- 14 box jumps 18/24”

1 Round of;

- 10 pull-ups

- 14 lunges

- 16 box jumps 18/24”



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>In Class

A.  Press+Push Press+Jerk 5x1+1+1

B. Complete every 6min;

- Row 500m

- 25 DB push press @ 35/50#

- 12 burpees

**shoot for 3-3.5 min of work on each round.



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Rest Day (Full Rest - Mobility, stretch, and foam roll)

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. Hang snatch - build to heavy not maximal

**power if needed.

B. Granite Games “Midline Crisis” Modified

2 rounds for time;

- 40 T2B

- 5 heavy snatches



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre Class

A. Complete;

- 6 HSPU’s

- 3 Power clean + 3+ hang clean to thruster @ moderate load.

Rest 2 min x 4 rounds

>>>In Class

A. Deadlift - 3x6 @ moderate load

B. Granite Games “Deadly Ropes 2.0”

5 rounds of;

- 2 rope climbs

- 4 deadlifts @ 265/405#

- 8 burpees over bar

**15min time cap



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. HS walk practice - 10-15min

**Play with kick-up to wall and free HS hold for portion of this time.  Kick-up and attempt to hold a free HS and then shift weight to hands to walk into wall - work on proprioceptive feedback in hands to shift weight.

>>>In Class

A. Becnh press

**build in warm-up and perform heavier 5.3 on last sets than first by 2.5-5%

B. Granite Games “Pull-Push-Pull”

12-9-6-3 of;

- Hang clean @ 105/155#

- S2O @ 105/155#

- Ring MU’s

**15min time cap.



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre-Class - Synergy Saturday weightlifting

A. Snatch 72.5-77.5%x2, 3(82.5%x2)

B. Clean and jerk 72.5-77.5%x2, 3(82.5%x2)

C. Front squat 2(80%x4), 2(87.5%x2)

>>>In Class

A. Front squat 2(80%x4), 2(87.5%x2)

B. Granite Games - “Row/Jump/squat”

RX Women

40 calorie row

25 box jump overs (24in)

15 overhead squats (125lbs)

RX Men

50 calorie row

25 box jump overs (30in)

15 overhead squats (185lbs)

>>>Team Training - TBD



Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Active Recovery (go for a hike, swim, bike ride, run, walk, paddle board, kayak, yoga, foam roll, stretch, etc. - do so at low intensity only - this is a recovery session)

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. Thruster from rack - build to heavy triple

B. Granite Games “Double Bell” modified

Complete2 rounds for time;

- 200 Du’s or skips

- 50 alt DB power snatches @ heavy load