Starting September 01, 2016 we will be adjusting the kids training sessions to create more structure and to add more training variety for the kids.  In regards to more training variety; we will be adding more structured CrossFit training  with light conditioning, strongman, powerlifting, and gymnastics work all combined together int eh program.  We love the program as it is, but as the gym is getting busier and with the new gym layout it is more difficult to run the program as a "drop-in" program, so we will be moving to a group class format.  This will mean the kids will need to show up at the top of the hour, on time, and ready for class just like our adult programs we run.  We love weightlifitng and will still continue to program large amounts of weightlifitng, but it will be adding other elements as well.  We know the changes are quick and with little notice, but given our schedule changes at the gym, the new schedule will be as follows beginning September 01, 2016;


CrossFit JUNIORS - 5:00pm

CrossFit TEENS - 6:00pm


CrossFit KIDS - 4:30pm (30min)

CrossFit JUNIORS - 5:00pm

CrossFit TEENS - 6:00pm


CrossFit KIDS - 4:30pm (30min)

CrossFit JUNIORS ( - 5:00pm

CrossFit TEENS - 6:00pm


Age categories described:

**KIDS = 4-7 years of age

     - Children are introduced to basic physical movement and activity in play settings. The emphasis is on fun and engagement in daily physical activity, not competition. Healthy activity and play stimulate development of their physical coordination and gross motor skills along with brain function, social skills, emotions, imagination, confidence and positive self-esteem

**JUNIORS = 8-12 years of age

     - Through a variety of physical activities (ABC's - agility, balance and coordination), youth are introduced to FUNdamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, hitting and kicking – activities that will later form the basis for most sports skills. These FUNdamental skills are translated into sport-specific skills (Weightlifting, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Strongman) within the structured hour class to keep the emphasis on learning a variety of sports and avoiding early specialization.  Like the CrossFit KIDS group, the emphasis is on FUN.

**TEENS - 13+ years of age

    - Teens consolidate their basic sport-specific skills and may begin moving towards specialization in one sport - in this case weightlifting will be the emphasis.  However, they are still participate in at least one other sport or activity, as well as maintain a baseline of athletic capacities. Coaches work to optimize all of their athletic capacities – technical, tactical, physical, mental, emotional and more. Training regimens are intense, and the aim is to prepare the athlete for elite competition and podium performances. 

If you have any questions or concerns of course reach out to us as we would love to hear from you.  


CROSSFIT KIDS - $40/month

CROSSFIT TEENS (Juniors and Teens) - $85/month