HERC's and Synergy Partnership -New Supplement Provider

Synergy Strength is proud to announce our newest partner to the Synergy Strength family - Herc's Nutrition.  Herc's Saskatoon will be supplying Synergy Strength with all of our supplementation needs moving forward and will be setting up a small satellite location inside of Synergy Strength.  

Herc's currently has two locations in Saskatoon; Herc's in Stonebridge and Herc's on Central in Sutherland, they will now of course have a small presence inside Synergy Strength as well.  Herc's carries all the top name products and the best supplementation available for strength athletes and CrossFit athletes.  Atop of the best supplementation products, Herc's is also a very strong supporter of local strength sports events.  We value strong partners who are interested in similar things that we are and Herc's is that for us in the supplement world.  We are happy to have them on board and happy to be partnered with Herc's.

Herc's products are now available in the storefront at Synergy Strength and what we do not carry you can grab at one of their two locations in town.  

The synergy Strength store will carry all new products;
- Protein Powders
- BCAA's
- Pre/post WOD nutrition
- Creatine
- Glutamine
- Sugar free bars
- and much more.....

Check out Herc's online -  http://hercs.com/