FREE CROSSFIT - Synergy Summer Saturdays

Synergy's mission was always to positively influence as many people as possible with health, wellness, and fitness.  We do this by supporting our communities growth in fun, social, and results based fitness programs.  The outcome for our community members is the development of strength, fitness, self-confidence, and health in multiple aspects of their life.  We will be continuing to work on developing our community with our newest summer inititiative - Synergy Summer Saturdays (try and say that three times real fast!).  These Saturdays are essentially BRING A FRIEND DAYS at SE for the remainder of June. 

We will begin this campaign at Synergy South East for the remainder of June - every Saturday all classes will be cancelled at Synergy Central (except weightlifitng) and moved to Synergy South East at Scheer's Martial Arts.  Class times, coaches, and workouts will remain the same only the location will change - we ask you to please invite your friends and get them involved in this crazy thing you love called CrossFit.  

What you need to know;
1. For the remainder of June all Saturday CrossFit classes will be hosted at Synergy South East.
     - June 11, June 18, and June 25 will all be at Synergy SE. 
2. Coaches, workouts, class times, etc. will all be the same, just the location will change. 
3. Its bring a friend day - invite your friends to join you for FREe every Saturday at our SE location. 
4. Synergy Central will still be open for specialty sports and the weightlifitng class. 
5. We will have our OnRamp coaches available for all friends attending the classes - so two coaches are goign to be in attendance!

As always if you have any questions of concerns please let me know and contact me at