Synergy - RUN, BIKE or HIKE - Strength Sports Fundraiser

WHAT - Synergy Strength Sports Fundraiser - Run, Bike or Hike

WHEN - July 16th, 2016 @ 2:00pm

WHERE - Rotary Park (ample parking will be available) 

COST - $30/participant


Team Synergy Strength will be running a Strength Sports Fundraiser in July to continue to raise funds for atheltes who are travelling around the world and taking part in international level competitions.  This next event is one we all LOVE so much... an aerobic run, bike or hike around the beautiful Saskatoon's Meewasin trails overlooking the Saskatchewan River.  We truly want to take advantage of our great city and our beautiful summer weather, by offering this event in July.

This event will take place at Saturday July 16th.  The event will kick start at Rotary Park and follow the much of the Meewasin trails as well as the bridges of the Saskatchewan River.  Below are three possible routes that atheltes can take, each of differing distances and modes of transportation.  One must bring their own bike if choosing to go the long route.

To end it off we will also we will await all participants to come back to the finish line and then HIKE back over the broadway bridge and hang out at TASTE OF SASKATCHEWAN, which is also running at the same time.  So we can end off with a bit of good river food and a bit of socializing. 


All funds raised are to support our athletes of all sports heading to national or international competitions.  It is not easy or cheap for athletes to take part in such high level events and we are attempting to lessen the burden by raising funds throughout the year that atheltes can apply to earn.  The next big event is Laurie Meschishnick's return trip to the CrossFit Games. 


Laurie M @ 2015 Masters CrossFit Games



You can sign-up at the front desk by letting us know you are in or on the Synergy Strength APP under "Seminars and Events". 

 7.9Km Run trail

7.9Km Run trail

 10.8Km Bike trail

10.8Km Bike trail

 4.7Km Hike Trail

4.7Km Hike Trail