Kettlebell Training Seminar - June 18th, 2016.

 June 18th @ Synergy Strength Central - Kettlebell Training Course. 

Synergy Strength will be hosting a KB training course on June 18th @ 1:30pm @ Synergy Strength South East location.  We will be covering the basics (Get-up, Swing, Squat, etc.) of KB training for those interested in advancing their skills with KB's.  This course will be taught by Lane Britnell, who is the newest addition to the Synergy Strength team and will be leading our new Kettlebell club in July.  This will be a great opportunity to meet Lane and to learn from him in his area of specialty.  You can use advanced KB training to improve your CrossFit training, endurance, as well as your strength development.  KB's are a very unique tool that can be used in many aspects of fitness from rehabilitation to performance - learn more by attending the workshop. 

For those interested in the KB club training - this will be a great place to be exposed to Lane and his methods as well as a bit more about KB training programs and techniques.  Much of what you will learn will be based around the Strong First Principles, the course will be up to 2 hours in length and will be fully hands on.


WHERE - Synergy South East (map below) 

WHEN - June 18th, 1:30pm

Who is this for - anyone and everyone interested in KB training

COST - $30/Participant. 

If you wish to get involved please feel free to contact us @ and (306)979-9348. 

You may also register on your Synergy Strength APP as well under Seminars and Events

 Synergy South East - Sheers Martial Arts Building. 

Synergy South East - Sheers Martial Arts Building.