Saturday Weightlifting Classes - FOR ALL


Synergy Strength is proud to announce the opening of a new Saturday Weightlifting class that can be attended by anyone interested in improving their lifting mechanics and skills.  Coach Chad will lead the sessions in a group format and the goals will be improved education, skills, and performance facilitated in a fun hard working environment. 

Currently we have dedicated weightlifitng team training on Monday evenings and we are now opening up Satruday sessions for the team and anyone else wanting to enjoy our fantastic sport.  We truly want to grow these session into fantastic team style training sessions and a positive learning environment for all.  A Saturday sessions will run 10:00am-12:00pm (2 hour class) - the programming will fit bot the weightlifitng team and the CrossFit teams workload, which means this is not "extra" work on top of your current program - it is your program.  

If you have any questions please contact - 

Importnat notes - 

WHO IS THIS FOR - Synergy members and non-Synergy members.  This class is not meant for those wishing to learn how to lift, but for those who have already existing base level of skills (any member of Synergy will have this).

WHEN IS IT? 10:00am-12:00pm Saturdays @ Synergy Central. 

WHAT WILL WE COVER? We will be completing the Weightlifting Saturday session and the CrossFit pre-class work.  It is your pre-scheduled programming. 

HOW DO YOU REGISTER? You don't - you just show up.

COST? - FREE for Synergy members and $15 drop in fro outside members. 

**See you all soon - we are looking forward to this new offering.