Synergy Strength - NEW APP

How cool it this?  Synergy Strength is happy to unveil our very own mobile app, which is available in the app store for both IOS and Android devices.  This app will allow you the member to access a multitude of things that you use on a regular basis, such as:

-       Online appointment booking - professional services for massage and chiropractic services will be accessible for booking through the app.  No more waiting to book at the front desk or phoning in, simply book online anytime. 

-       Workout of the day (WOD) – get to the blog to check out the workout of the day at anytime.  Quick one touch access to the your workouts at anytime.

-       Website access – similar to the WOD’s the app can connect you directly to the Synergy Strength website to access any wanted info

-       Account profile – take advantage of the app to view your account settings, recent purchases, and membership updates.

-       Push notifications – This is one of the coolest features, Synergy Strength will be using the app similar to our social media channels to notify you the members of any updates to the schedule, club, etc.  If we have an event going on at the club or are hosting all Saturday workouts at SE as an example, we will be sending out notifications via our app to keep everyone in the loop.

-       Deals – We will also be using the app for flash deals on products, services, etc.  You want to earn Synergy deals – be sure to be on the app.

How to download the app?

1.     Go to the your software’s a store and search “Synergy Strength” or "Synergy Strength Member App"– the Synergy Strength Members App will appear (image is the three red lines of the Synergy Logo).
2.     Download the app
3.     “Login” on the app using your Synergy member online access password that you would have received when you started with us.  Most of you would have forgot this, so simple search your name, find your account, and sign-in.  If you are having trouble contact the front desk staff for more details and they can provide you access to your password and login email.
4.     Enjoy instant access to Synergy Strength through your new member app.