2016 Synergy Strength Rookie/Amateur Strongman Show

Synergy Strength is proud to announce that we will be hosting an in-house rookie/amateur strongman show on July 09, 2016.  We have hosted multiple shows over the last two years and all have been highly huge successes with record attendances and this show will be no different.  We will host this show in house with events taking place in-doors and in the Synergy parking lot.

This show is termed a "Rookie/Amateur" show as it is meant to be for first time competitors and those highly competitive athletes looking to qualify for provincials and nationals.  The field will be deep and competitive with multiple weight classes for both women and men. Weight classes can be found HERE. 

The event will begin at 11:00pm with the athlete meeting to cover rules and regulations.  The show will begin for spectators at 12:00pm.  This will provide all athletes a thorough walk through of all implements and expectations as well as a chance to "play" and "touch" all the implements before the show.  

This show will be open to males and females and registration is live at the Synergy Strength online store. REGISTER HERE.  Costs for the show will be set at $80/participant.

EVENTS: (Details will be added soon)

1. Harness + Rope

2. Loading medley (H2H)

3. Vehicle Squat for reps (H2H)

4. Axle + BB Overhead Press Medley (H2H)

5. 120ft Farmers Walk (H2H)

**H2H = head to head competition. 

Event info and updates can also be found on Facebook under the Synergy Strength pages events.  Names "2016 Synergy Strength Rookie/Amateur Show".

For more info please contact myself @ chad@synergystrength.ca