Strength Sports Fund - Supporting our Athletes

Synergy Strength is incredibly proud to announce a new initiative in support of athletes and the sports we love.  We are developing a Strength Sports Fund that will be built by the atheltes for the athletes themselves.  The goal is to assist in the development of our athletes by helping them fund their trips to international and national level competitions.  Competing at such a high level is never easy and takes a tonne of effort, finances and time.  We wish to allow atheltes to put their energy and time towards their training and not only fundraising.  Last year we had multiple atheltes compete in such prestigious events such as;

- World Amateur Strongman Championships

- National Weightlifitng Championships

- National Powerlifting championships

- Common Wealth Games Powerlifting

- North American Championships

- World Powerlifting Championships

- CrossFit Games

- CrossFit Super Regionals

- and many more...

With so many atheltes competing at such a high level year to year we wish to support their efforts by facilitating annual fundraising campaigns throughout Saskatoon. 

HOW WILL IT WORK? - We will set-up 4-5 large fundraising campaigns throughout the calendar year, that Synergy Strength athletes will assist in running.  Our goal will be to raise as much as we can per event and hopefully raise enough to truly help athletes in a meaningful way.  

HOW DOES IT HELP ATHELTES? - All funds raised will go directly to the atheltes who apply and to the sporting teams who apply for funding.  The funds will be set aside for out of province/country competitions only and will be used to help atheltes cover accommodations,travel, and other event related expenses.  

HOW DO ATHLETES APPLY? - Atheltes will be able to fill out an application for access to funding and the funds will be split throughout the atheltes attending competitions as a team or as individuals if travelling alone.  Right now the format of how funds are allocated will be decide upon based on multiple criteria;

- Higher level competitions (worlds, PanAms, Games, etc.) are deemed priority, then national level.

- The amount of work that individuals or teams put into fundraising will be taken into consideration when funds are released.  

OUR FIRST FUNDRAISER - Our first fundraiser will be held at Schryer's Smoked BBQ Shack on Miller Ave.  We will be organizing a BBQ pork on a bun fundraiser campaign with prize draws at the dinner.  

WHERE - Schryer's Smoked BBQ Shack
WHEN - Sunday, May 08, 2016 @ 5:00pm
COST - $25/plate and all funds raised go to atheltes.  BUY HERE
WHAT WILL BE SERVED - we will have pork on a bun, and baked potato, coleslaw. ($1.00 extra for fountain drink and all except bun is gluten free) 
**We will be hosting two different meal times to ensure that enough room is available for the guests as seating is limited. 

Atheltes will be selling tickets in person and we will also be selling them on line at the Synergy Strength Store as well.  

See you all at Schryer's on Sunday May 08, 2016. 

For more info contact