Synergy Winter Macros - Extend the Journey

If you have participated in the Synergy Strength foundations "SHRED" program than the MACROS program is for you.  This program takes the education from the Shred and begins to apply it to the concepts of "macros", which is designed to understand the application of portion control and percentage of macronutrients for strength athletes. 


The goals of this program are to;

- Extend the foundational nutrition habits taught in the SHRED to application of more detailed portion and macronutrient control

- Assist you in developing practical methods of application of "macros"

- Join a group of people with similar goals that support each other and increase accountability


- 5 week MACROS program - The program will be kickstarted with a once a week nutrition class led by our resident champ Laurie M. The class will be one hour in length and run Monday's @ 6:00pm.  The course will be completed in the same format as the SHRED (meet for 5 weeks than stay connected via email and FB for the remainder) 

- Facebook group - Be apart of Macros Facebook group as well where we will be posting useful links and communicating with the group regularly to assist with accountability.  This will be a place to communicate with other members, coaches, and leaders. #synergymacros

- Homework - You will have loads of practical homework tasks as this will be the main method of application of the macros...trial and error will be a big part of the learning.  Most of this course will be hands on.  

- Weigh-ins - Again don't panic, this is one of the best ways to stay accountable.  No one will see the numbers other than a couple key staff members, so it will be discrete, but we want you to track your numbers as it is important on the road to progress to have statistics.

- Pictures - These are for you and you only. You will be asked to have before and after photos as again these are highly valuable on the road to change, and lets be honest its will be pretty cool to see your progress pics when you are all done. 

- Coached by - Laurie M


$75 for the full 12 week program.  Thats only $25/month!


Class times for the 5 week program are;

- 6:00pm Monday's starting January 16th and running until Monday, February 13th.

**after the 5 weeks you will stay connected via the Facebook group and email.


Class size for each is limited to 25 participants and sessions will be held in the Synergy Strength Staff room.  

Contact the front desk @ Synergy Strength to register for the program by dropping in to sign-up in person, call (306)979-9348 or email