CrossFit WOD's November 07-13, 2016.

If you are looking to improve your skills at both gymnastics and weightlifting - this is the class for you.  Specifically designed to get athletes more coached time with pre/post work skills.  

The program schedule will be;

Monday - 9:00am and 6:00pm
Tuesday - 6:00pm
Thursday - 9:00am and 6:00pm
Satruday Team Training @ 1:00pm (2 hour not coached session) 

We will program skills to match the weekly program where applicable and where it does not match we will simply program other relevant gymnastic and weightlifitng movements. 

To register simply contact the Front desk - cost is $39/month. 

The BCBD is over and now ancient history - we now shift our focus to the Cast Iron Classic (CIC).  This is by far one of my favourite events that we host because it is different than all other CrossFit style events.  The CIC's competition floor is a "grid" made up of 5 lanes and 4 zones/lane.  Teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) compete head to head against each other in very short, blistering paced, team oriented workouts. Start putting your team together for the mayhem to come. Check out the website 

This is far in advance of the day, but we are planning on hosting this years Synergy Christmas Party at Sports on Tap.  We will be hosting a steak night, with all funds going towards our Synergy Strength Sports Fund, which is aimed at helping cover athletes travel and competition expenses for high level (national/international).  To book your spot at the Xmas part please contact the front desk or simply sign up through the Synergy APP.  We will also be doing a 50/50 draw and a Chinese Gift Exchange.  To read more on the party - go HERE. 

CROSSFIT MA's and PA's - This is the newest program initiated by Synergy and this one is close more exciting than most for me - as a new father I have witnessed the difficulty it can be for new ma's and pa's to get to the gym.  Life if busy to begin with and kids only make it more busy (better, but definitely busier), this new inititiative is meant to help mothers and fathers get to the gym and not have to worry about daycare or supervision for their children while they workout. To learn more please read blog post HERE.  


REMINDER - Just a quick note and reminder of the gym "rules" with regard to the CrossFit workouts.  We have always allowed free access to completing "extra" accessory work outside of the program provided, but we do frown upon members completing their own CrossFit workouts as we provide coaching and programming to ensure that "extra" conditioning is not required.  There are of course other issues with regard to use of shared equipment, space, and safety that all come into play with regard to our gym rules as well.  Long story short - please refrain from creating your won CrossFit workouts and skipping programmed workouts.  If you need to scale a workout or change movements due to injury or fatigue please talk to a coach and they can help adjust workouts to fit, but completing other workouts is not recommended - thanks.

- Chad 


This upcoming 7 weeks block is the second last block leading into the open (one more 9 wek block to follow).  We will be focused on allowing more time for classic strength training and it will be at a high intensity for the next 6 weeks.  The average intensity of lifting over the next 6 weeks will be 85-87.5%, each week will change its intensity level, but overall the intensity is high, expect a tired body from the loading, which is different that the volume loading "pain" you experienced over the last 7 weeks. 

The next 7 weeks of conditioning will be at a moderate intensity relative to the higher intensity weeks that proceeded them.  The last 6 week program had upwards of near 200min of conditioning per week and a low in the de-load week of 80.  The volume was high for 4 of the last 6 weeks.  The upcoming 7 weeks will be broken into 2 three week blocks followed by a de-load week - the conditioning will be highest in volume in the first 3 weeks and then drop by 20% in weeks 4-6.  The amount of classic "CrossFit" workouts will be increased (I call them threshold wod's) - the first 3 weeks will host 2 threshold wod's and weeks 4-6 will double these efforts, which will bring down the volume of training, but massively increase intensity.  You should feel the switch leading into week 4 in how your body is feeling as well as how you prep mentally for workouts.  




Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre Class

A. Drop snatch + high hang snatch 3x3+3 (light loads)

B. Snatch 4(80%x2)

C. Snatch high pull 2(100%x2)

D. HS walk foundations

>>>In Class

A. Front squat

**build lightly to a heavy set of 3, then back off drastically for a moderate unbroken set of 10 (not a RM, just a back off set)

B. “dual power”

5 rounds for time;

- 64 DU’s

- 32 wall balls @ 14/20#

- 16 deadlifts @ 115/185#

SKILLS Session:

A. Pre-class work




Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. “Grace” - 30 power clean and jerks @ 95/135#

B. Ring dips 5x10

**scale to ensure that sets are unbroken - may have to overscale after Grace

C. L-sit hold on parallettes - accumulate 2 min total work

**Ensure your scalings are correct that allows for a starting set of at least 20 sec.  Make look pretty, don’t fight for position, but scale to allow great technique.

>>>In Class

A. Press + push press 4x3+2

B. “steps”

AMRAP in 90sec Every 5 min;

- 4 DB hang clean to thrusters @ 35/50#

- 4 burpees

- 2 gym width sprints

4 rounds

**these intervals need to be done at max effort - fly and die. There are only 4 rounds and you should NOT be able to maintain exertion on each round as there is not enough time for recovery, fatigue will set in and this should be viciously difficult to perform.

SKILLS Session:

A. Pre-class work




Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Rest Day (Full Rest - Mobility, stretch, and foam roll)

Optional Wednesday Weightlifting

A. Drop snatch + high hang snatch 3x2+1 - moderate (below 50%)

B. Snatch 60%x2, 70%x2, 75-80-85-90%x1

B. Power clean + hang clean + jerk 60%x1+1+1 - build to heavy set of 1+1+1

C. Snatch deadlift from podium + low hang snatch pull  3(105%x1+2)

D. Front squats 10(65%x2) - EMOM

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. Empty bar snatch work;

- HH vertical torso snatch 2x5

- HH snatch 2x5

- Hang to HH paused Snatch 2x5

- Hang snatch 2x5

- Low hang snatch 2x5

- Snatch deadlift to HH snatch 2x5

- Snatch 2x5

B. Test - max strict pull-ups

**choose band if necessary.  No minimum number of reps required, just a simple test (2-4 min)

C. Max 500-m row Test

**by far one of the most exciting things to do at Synergy - complete in partners and cheer each other on.





Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. Deadlift 4x3 - sets across

>>>In Class

A. “Open Event 14.4”

AMRAP in 14 min of;

- 60 calorie row

- 50 T2B

- 40 wall ball 14/20#

- 30 power cleans @ 95/135#

- 20 MU’s


**ensure this is after a lengthy rest.

A. Complete 5 rounds of;

AMRAP in 5 min of;

- 800/1000m Row

- AMRAP of 75/115# power clean and jerks in time remaining

Rest 2 min

**only score c&j’s on all 5 rounds

**after group class wod test this is to be done as extra volume - do not concern yourself with mac points or performance, but get 25 min of low intensity aerobic conditioning in please.  If c&j are not feeling well, simply row for 5 min.

SKILLS Session:

A. Snatch position work with barbell and light loads

B. Ring push-ups - play and do a few sets with proper form and lock-out

cC Spotted MU’s x 8 each

D. HSPUs EMOM x 6 min (all sets equal in reps)


Today is Remembrance Day - I hope you all take the time to reflect on all those who fought for our freedoms.  This is a very important day in our calendar year and we should all take time to reflect on the things we have and the things we are blessed with, due to the efforts of those brave souls who fought for their and our futures.   We owe so much to our veterans and we should take time to remember them today. 

Saskatoon hosts the largest indoor Remembrance Day service at SaskTel Center - learn more HERE

The gym will only be open for the hours of 12-2pm (group classes @ 12:00 and 1:00pm)


A. "Murph"

- 1 mile run (Row 2K)

- 100 pull-ups

- 200 push-ups 

- 300 squats 

- 1 mile run

**Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats in any way you want; 5-10-15, 10-20-30, etc. 





Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre-Class - Synergy Saturday weightlifting

A. Power snatch + snatch 60%x1+2 - build to heavy set of 1+1

B. Clean and jerk 60%x2, 70%x2, 75-80-85-90%x1

C. Front squat 4(85%x3)

>>>In Class

A. “Marston” - HERO WOD

AMRAP in 20 min;

- 1 deadlift @ 255/405#

- 10 T2B

- 15 bar over burpees

>>>Team Training

A. Complete;

- Run 8min for distance

Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 8min of;

- row/bike (calories)

- GHD sit-ups

Rest 2 min

- Run 8min for distance

Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 8 min of;

- 5 HSPU’s

- 10 alt. Pistols

- 15 Russian KBS @ 16/24Kg

Repeat all 4 rounds.





Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Active Recovery (go for a hike, swim, bike ride, run, walk, paddle board, kayak, yoga, foam roll, stretch, etc. - do so at low intensity only - this is a recovery session)

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. “International”

Min 1 - KBS @ 16/24kg (12-18)

Min 2 - Weighted sit-ups (15-20)

Min 3 - Box jumps 18/24” (10-12)

Min 4 - Ring rows (10-15)

Min 5 - Tire flips (3-6)

6 rounds

**choose a number of reps per station and stick with them throughout the full 30 min.  Bracketed numbers are recommendations only.