CrossFit Ma's and Pa's - Starting in December


CROSSFIT Ma's & Pa's @ Synergy Strength

Purpose - 

Parents and caregivers have a very difficult time finding time for themselves with the busy lifestyle changes that come along with new babies and kids.  We see and hear this from moms and dads all the time and we wish to help find a solution to the problem.  Synergy Strength is very much a family oriented facility, but we do not offer day care and many parents find it hard to bring their little ones to the gym as they require some sort of supervision.  Synergy's Ma's and Pa's program is designed to get parents out of the house, ensure their fitness routine is maintained, allow valued socialization time with other parents, and create a safe, accepting, and motivational environment to workout in. 

Implementation - 

We will be offering one hour classes @ 9:00am and 2:00pm.  These classes will use the tried and true CrossFit prescription, but be scaled to the individual needs of ma's and pa's involved.  These classes will be group oriented community daycare sessions for the children while the parents workout.  Rather than trying to implement children into the class we will simply modify workouts into partner or interval based workouts that will allow parents to share baby sitting duties while getting a killer working out.  We will follow the workout of the day as prescribed by the regular programming, but adjust it daily to fit the needs of the Ma's and Pa's program.  

What does a Class Look like? 

Classes will include a group warm-up with the children involved and then move to more specific warm-up and drills based on the workout.  The workout will be the same as the regularly scheduled CrossFit group class wod, but be modified to suit the dynamics of the Ma's and Pa's program.  As an example; if the WOD is a 25 min AMRAP, we could adjust it to a 5min on and 5 min off interval workout to allow parents to share workout and baby-sitting duties.  The groups will be split in half and one half will workout while the other half takes over babysitting duties, everyone will be ensured a great workout, but will also be required to do a bit of baby sitting to ensure everyone gets a chance to take part.  We will work and suffer together as a team. 

Schedule and Costs -

The program will run every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9:00am and 2:00pm based on pre-registration numbers.  Cost will be $140/month for 3x/week training and if parents are interested in increasing their memberships to unlimited in order to attend other programs or classes throughout the week they can for an additional $25/month to move to a truly unlimited membership. 

We are starting this program in December. If interested in this program please contact Synergy Strength at or (306)979-9348.  

Current Synergy Members - 

If you are a current Synergy member this program is of course available to you.  We will require registration for the class just like any other program we offer.  

If you currently bring your kids to the gym and they are fine without supervision you are by no means required to change anything.  This program is built for those who can not make the gym due to childcare issues or supervision issues while at the gym for their children.