NEW - Synergy Sports Performance Program


The Synergy sports performance program is designed to provide the best possible supplementary training for athletes of all sports. We have found that athletes, and even their coaches often miss the point of strength training. For the athlete, the point of strength training isn't to become a competitive weightlifter, it is to prevent injuries, correct posture, and build as much strength as possible while staying as fresh as possible for their sport! Our aim for training sessions is to finish feeling stronger than when you started, not worse. 

Another observation we have made is athletes being handed a program and being expected to implement the workouts on their own without guidance.  Athletes are given complex exercises without any assessment whatsoever, resulting in either injury, poor adherence, or at best a lot of wasted time doing the things wrong. The reality is that strength training requires coaching, just like running, jumping or throwing.  

We believe that athletes should spent 80% of their training time on the track/field/court, 10% doing strength training, and 10% doing corrective work.  At Synergy we assist athletes in the latter 20%.

Each athlete will be assessed and screened for imbalances and asymmetries, and then be given a customized program to follow based on their goals and their assessment results.  Athletes from all sports are welcome, as basic strength principles are universal and apply to everyone.  All workouts will be done in a group setting so that every one has a chance to be coached. The bulk of the athlete programs will be strength training, corrective work, and addressing weaknesses.

The Sports Performance program will be led by Coach Lane Britnell and Coach Lauren Taylor, both coaches are track and field athletes with years of experience both in the gym and on the field, as well as being highly qualified strength coaches (SFG, FMS, NCCP weightlifting, NCCP track and field).  Athletes will be in the right hands moving forward. 

The program will run;
Tuesday 7:00pm
Thursday 7:00pm
Satruday 3:00pm

Athletes can register by contacting Synergy Strength @ (306)979-9348 or 

COST of the program is;
- $99/month for high school athletes
- $110/month for university athletes
Please reach out to us to get more information on our programs and offerings.