CrossFit Lift-Off @ Synergy Strength


The Lift-Off is upon us.  Every year CrossFit HQ has hosted the LIFT-OFF a world wide competition where athletes compete in three events; Max snatch, Max Clean and jerk, and a CF WOD.  It is known we do the two max weightlifting events, but the WOD is released on Thursday November 03.  Athletes have until Monday at 5pm Pacific time to register their score (if competing online).  Synergy will be hosting a "Lift-Off Day" on Satruday, November 05.  We will open the lifting platforms for the max snatch and clean and jerks from 9:00am-12:00pm and the group class will be the Lift-Off wod that is announced on Thursday night.  Athletes who wish not to do the weightlifitng can simply attend class as normal and those who are wanting to lift can do so on the platforms early in the morning and attend a later morning class.  Lastly we will be opening up our Saturday afternoon team training to complete the lift-off wod as well, so if you want to lift in the morning and complete the wod at 1:00pm you are welcome to as well.  

Synergy will be open from 9:00am-2:30pm for athletes to complete the lift-off.  We will be;

- Hosting 9-10,11,12 class times for the WOD

- Hosting 9:00am-12:00pm for max snatch and clean & jerk on the platforms  

- Hosting team training at 1:00pm for the Lift-off WOD 

These sessions are open to anyone with lifting and CF experience - come one come all and enjoy the day at Synergy Strength lifting heavy things and getting your fitness on.