CrossFit WOD's October 03-09, 2016.

The Train to Win program has officially come to an end and we are now moving forward with a modified program for October-January.  We will call these sessions "Skill Sessions".  We will be maintaining the T2W schedule, but the classes will move to 1 hour sessions rather than 2 and will be focused solely on gymnastics and weightlifitng skills.  Each hour session will focus on 1 gymnastics skill; Handstand walking, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, etc. and one weightlifting skill; snatch, clean and jerk. The goal will be to continue developing higher end CrossFit skill sets for those interested, but it may or may not match the weekly programming. 

The program schedule will be;

Monday - 9:00am and 6:00pm
Tuesday - 6:00pm
Thursday - 9:00am and 6:00pm
Satruday Team Training @ 1:00pm (2 hour not coached session) 

We will program skills to match the weekly program where applicable and where it does not match we will simply program other relevant gymnastic and weightlifitng movements. 

To register simply contact the Front desk - cost is $39/month. 

The BCBD is over and now ancient history - we now shift our focus to the Cast Iron Classic (CIC).  This is by far one of my favourite events that we host because it is different than all other CrossFit style events.  The CIC's competition floor is a "grid" made up of 5 lanes and 4 zones/lane.  Teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) compete head to head against each other in very short, blistering paced, team oriented workouts. Start putting your team together for the mayhem to come. Check out the website HERE

Reminder of the amazing Synergy Sports Therapy team and the great work they do.  You might want to talk these great people over the next few weeks as our volume of work gets higher and higher - the need to maintenance of the body becomes more important.  The Synergy Sports Therapy Team consists of;

- Dr. Alex Mackenzie - Performance chiropractic.

- Laura Marsh - Hawk Grips and sports massage

- Crystal Derry - Fascial Stretch Therapy

**Interested in booking an appointment - simply contact the front desk or use the Synergy app to book online. 

Synergy Strength - FREE WEEK OF CROSSFIT - we are once again hosting  a free week of CrossFit for anyone wanting to try their hand at what we do.  Do you have friends that want to try out Synergy and are interested in what you spend your time doing each week? - well now you can bring them to try it - October 17-23, 2017 is FREE for all new members to try CF.  Come to any class, and as many times as you like int eh 7 days. Read more HERE. 

NEW CrossFit Kids and Teens programs rolling out mid week (September 01) at Synergy.  The new schedule will be as follows;

4:30-5:00 - ages 4-7

5:00-6:00pm - ages 8-12

6:00-7:00pm - ages 13+ 

We have moved to structured class times and ages given some of the recent gym changes and class sizes.  This is  super cool program that all kids should get invovled in.  WE are always looking to add new kids to the program, if your little ones are interested please have them drop in for a free class after Sept 01. 

Learn more HERE

OPEN GYM - Synergy Strength is now offering open gym memberships to those interested in using the club for specialty sports, but not needing coaching or programming.  To learn more of this new offering contact

WEEKEND Strength Sport Coaches sessions are back.  Every weekend moving forward we will be having coaches available for led strength sports classes (2 hours).  We have been doing this for weightlifitng for the last few months now and will continue to do so in the sports of powerlifting and strongman. The weekend schedule is;

POWERLIFITNG - Saturday 10-12

WEIGHTLIFTING - Saturday 10-12

**One can choose weightlifting or powerlifting based on goals and needs. Weightlifting Wednesday session is still available

STRONGMAN - Sunday 10-12 

**This is a super fun events based day of all kinds of things (log, stones, medleys, etc.) - think of it as a mini comp session each week with 2-4 implement training days. 

These session are open to anyone - come join us. 

Synergy Strength will be hosting the first SWA doping controlled meet of the year on Saturday, October 15, 2016.  To register please head over to the SWA website HERE.  For more information please feel free to contact

"70's Big"

**Roger Estep

"70's BIG" may not be the best named for the program given the goals and stimuli of the next 5 weeks, but it does not matter as the dudes portrayed in 70's big are endlessly cool and can be the title to any program in my opinion.  The next training block (5 weeks) is a "polarized" program meaning we will be focusing on very low intensity prolonged aerobic bouts done at intensities of 55-70% (estimate) coupled with extremely high intensity training sessions aimed at intensities well above anaerobic threshold. Goal of this training is to continue to improve aerobic capacity (priority focus, but not to be read as at the expense of other physical attributes) .  All strength work intensity will back off as well with the next three weeks averaging 75% intensity with slightly high volume as well.  Gymnastic work will be focused towards capacity as well and muscular endurance.  HS walking volume is also kicked up a notch as the end goal is to have everyone walking down the street on their hands (this skill is as essential as DU's in CF now).  The weekly volume of conditioning work will increase by 8-10% per week for the next 3 weeks, before backing off lightly for 2 weeks and ending in a de-loading on week 6. The volume count is from the level 3 program and assumes all work is done as programmed, volume varies from 100-137.5min of work).  Sunday's new optional work is just that...optional and is aimed to continue to develop aerobic conditioning to a higher degree and will only be programmed for 3 weeks.  This Sunday work needs to be LOW intensity, meaning you can carry a short conversation while working.  Think of this as active recovery, but is a "necessary" component of polarized training models to maximize performance.  Please understand that the volume prescribed assumes the participant has been prepped by the last few programs.  If you are new to the extra work, please come talk to me about how to implement it correctly and safely to avoid overtraining and injury. I am looking forward to this training block and look forward to any feedback you have for me while working through it.  

MONDAY October 03, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre Class

A. Clean and jerk - build on 4.3.2, repeat 3, and build on last double to a heavy but not maximal double.

B. HS fundamentals;

- HS hold to wall (front and back)

- HS hold with shrugs (front and back)

- HS shoulder tap (front and back)

**Finish with HS walk into wall

**If you are proficient at HS walking - practice walking in figure 8.

>>>In Class

A. Press + push press 4x5+3

B. “on/c”

AMRAP in 28min

- 12 alternating DB snatches @ 30/45#

- 12 cal row

- 12 weighted sit-ups @ 30/45# DB (anchor with other DB)

- 30 DU’s

TUESDAY October 04, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. Hang snatch pull + hang power snatch + snatch 5(1+1+1) - build to heavy set

B. Stone loading x 10 lifts to middle platform with same stone

**do quickly, not maximal - no more than 5 min spent here

C. T2B 6x30sec - Every 2min

**shoot for the same number of reps each 30sec work interval

>>>In Class

A. Front squat 5x2 - across (heavy, but not maximal...know your loads, no singles)

B. “8213”

In 75 sec complete;

- 1 rope climb

- 5-7 DB hang clean to thrusters @ 35/50#

- Burpees over DB for remainder of 75sec.  

Every 5 min x 5 rounds

**adjust DB clean to thruster reps to allow for 20sec minimum of burpees.

**This is a HIIT wod...meaning you need to move it.  No resting not walking, not talking...get work done quickly.  When rope climbs give out swap for alternate movement as this is NOT a time to work on skill, but a time to work on high power output.

**If the rope climb takes you time to adjust feet and get up the rope adjust interval to 85sec or simply swap out rope climb...must keep power output high.

WEDNESDAY October 04, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Rest Day (Full Rest - Mobility, stretch, and foam roll)

**Optional Wednesday Weightlifting

A. Snatch - max effort

B. Clean and jerk - max effort

C. Front squat @ 100% C&J x 5 singles

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. Team Series WOD - in partners complete;

- 5min rowing

- 5 min push press @ 75/115#

Rest 10min then complete;

B. AMRAP in 10 min of;

- 10 T2B

- 40 DU’s

THURSDAY October 05, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>In Class

A. Back squat - build on 5.4.3, repeat 4, build on last 3 from first.

B. “Helen”

- Run 400m or Row 500m

- 21 KBS @ 16/24kg

- 12 pull-ups

3 rounds for time


A. In 5 min complete;

- Row for calories

Rest 2 min

In 5 min complete;

- Bike 2000m

- AMRAP power clean + push jerk 75/115# in remainder of time

Rest 2 min

In 5 min complete;

- Row 750m

- AMRAP power clean + push jerk 75/115# in remainder of time

Rest 2 min

In 5 min complete;

- skierg 750m

- AMRAP power clean + push jerk 75/115# in remainder of time

Rest 2 min

- Row 5 min for calories

FRIDAY October 06, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport


A. Med ball backward overhead throws 5x6 @ 10/20#

B. HS walking practice - start with foundational work and then choose HS walking drills to practice after.

C. Tire flips 4x6 - heavy flips, but unbroken - rest as needed

>>>In Class

A. “Dead2”

- Deadlift

- 10 T2B (unbroken)

- 16 wall ball @ 14/20#

Every 6 min x 8 rounds

**Deadlift loads will be significantly higher than last week as the reps are much lower.  Adjust loads based off of what you did last week.  Start at 7.5-10% above last week's load for your 6 and then add 10-20# for each of the 5.4.3 sets. Repeat the load for the last 4 sets of

**for those who found the wall ball to easy (Matt) last week use a 25# d-ball….haha, but seriously use the 25# d-ball.

SATURDAY October 07, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

>>>Pre-Class - Synergy Saturday weightlifting

A. Snatch 2(50%x2), 60%x2, 70%x2, 75-82.5-87.5-92.5%, build to max

B. Clean and jerk 2(50%x2), 60%x2, 70%x2, 75-80%x1

C. Front squat @ 100% C&J x 5 singles

**CF’ers only do FS’s

>>>In Class

A. Front squat 5 heavy singles (not maximal - focus on speed and efficiency out of the hole)

B. "Team series WOD"

AMRAP in 12 min

- 30 DU's

- 12 Power snatch 55/75#

>>>Team Training - TBD

SUNDAY October 08, 2016

70'S BIG 2OF6


Level 2&3 - Fitness & Sport

- Active Recovery (go for a hike, swim, bike ride, run, walk, paddle board, kayak, yoga, foam roll, stretch, etc. - do so at low intensity only - this is a recovery session)

- OPTIONAL - extremely low intensity aerobic work

A. 15 min run, bike, row, ski-erg, etc. (anything cyclical) - rest 4 min - 2-3 rounds

**should be able to hold a short conversation throughout as intensity is low enough.

Level 1 - Health & Elements

>>>In class

A. Team Series WOD - in partners complete.

AMRAP in 20min of alternating rounds;

- 5 clean and jerks @ 135/185#

- 10 T2B