Synergy In-House Rookie Strongman Competition

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting an in-house Rookie Strongman Show at Synergy Strength on February 21st, 2016.  Unlike shows we have hosted in the past - this will be a very informal rookie show for participants who have never competed in Strongman or who have  never trained the sport before - think of this as an introduction to strongman competition for those with interest.  Loads will be light and all events will be simple and straight forward.  We will train the events in the Strongman class every Sunday and also add them to the CF classes to prove and show that anyone can do this comp as it is solely for fun and involvement in the sport.

The event will be ran as a fundraiser for Tim Sahar (Synergy Strongman), who is heading to Amateur World Strongman Championships in March.  ALL proceeds will go towards Tim Sahar to support his families trip to Worlds. 


1. Stone over Yoke - max reps in 90sec

- Women - choice of 95.115. or 145# stone

- Men - choice of 145, 175, 215# stone

2. Log clean and press - max reps in 75sec

- Women - choice of 65, 85, 105# 

- Men - choice of 105, 135, 165#

3. Car deadlift - max reps in 75sec

- Women - choice of 1, 2, or 3 people on the car deadlift apparatus

- Men - choice of 2, 3 or 4 people on the car deadlift apparatus

4. Medley - 60' Yoke, Farmers walk, and sandbag carry - for time

- Women - 

     - Yoke - choice of 205, 285#

     - Farmers - choice of 85/115#/hand

     - Sandbag - choice of 80/100#

- Men - 

     - Yoke - choice of 285, 355#

     - Farmers - choice of 1555/185#/hand

     - Sandbag - choice of 100/160#

**As you can see the loads are moderate on all events and due to the choices given it allows for all athletes to be challenged, but yet have fun competing against their fellow members.  

What - Synergy Rookie Strongman Comp

Where - Synergy Strength

When - February 21, 2016 @ 1:00pm (will run for 3 house based on registration) 

For Who - This is truly for anyone interested in having a fun afternoon of strength training and interested in trying out a new sport.  Even if you are not a member of Synergy Strength, you are welcome to compete and come enjoy the day. 

Cost - $20/participant (all funds go to help support Tim Sahar's trip to Worlds)

Contact - info@synergystrength.ce or (306)979-9348

Registration - please talk to the Synergy front desk staff to register.