NEW SYNERGY Membership Promotions and Options

In our opinion, nothing is worse than a business that attempts to say how much they appreciate their customers, even when they don't do anything to help these same customers, or "share the love."

Talk about sending a mixed message.

This is exactly why we wanted to pause and acknowledge you for your ongoing support. We would not be here without members like you, and we are truly grateful for all you do.

So, as our way of saying thanks, we invite you to take advantage of one of these two new offers:


1.  One-Year Unlimited Annual Membership and pay only $130/month!

- This is a one year NON-REFUNDABLE membership.  If you are committed to Synergy Strength, then we are committed to providing you with a great deal.  UNLIMITED gym membership at $130/month, which is a $35 savings per month and a $420/year.


2. $50 Referral Program

- If you refer a member to Synergy Strength THEY will get their first month for only $50 and YOU will get $50 off your next months membership.  A total savings of $100/month combined with your BFF.  Bring anyone in and we will gladly thank-you with our $50/$50 promo.  Working out with a friend is more fun than by yourself, so get them involved in the great things that Synergy does.

It's the very least we can do, and you deserve it!

To Learn More Contact SYNERGY STRENGTH's front desk at or 306-979-9348