Synergy HYBRID Programs

In January 2016 - Synergy Strength will be introducing new "Hybrid" training programs - these are programs designed to allow athletes to train or compete in multiple sports based on their interest.  

We will be offering hybrid programs for;




Each of these programs is designed to develop athletes interested in coupling CrossFit with a specialty sport of their choosing.  Right now we offer all specialty sports separately from each other and each has a full program and coaching attention dedicated to it.  We plan on taking this foundation and applying it to those interested in doing more than just one sport.  

Weekly programming will involve;

- 3x/week of specialty sport programming

- 2-3x/week of CrossFit programming

**Each hybrid program will involve 2 levels of programming, one of which will include pre/post class work a top the regular program (gymnastics, core, accessory lifts) and the other will include group class and specialty program sessions only. 

For more information - please talk to Chad or contact him at