L2T and T2W - Level 2&3 CrossFit Programs

The Level 2&3 - Train to Win and Learn to Train courses are back in January 2016.  Synergy will be offering similar programs to those interested in advancing their skills in CrossFit from a performance standpoint.  

LEARN TO TRAIN (L2T) - Level 2:

- This programs goals are to enhance development and ability in weightlifting (snatch and clean and jerk) along with gymnastics (HSPU's, MU's, and much more).  The end goal of the L2T program is to coach the CrossFit pre-class work that is programmed weekly on the blog.  This program caters to those looking for on going coaching for pre work programming as well as those looking to learn how to advance from level 1 to level 2 programming (pre class work).  

Class times:

- Monday and Wednesday 9:00am

- Monday and Wednesday 6:00pm

- Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm

Monthly Cost:

- $39.00/month

TRAIN TO WIN (T2W) - Level 3:

- This programs goals are to take athletes already performing at a high level in the sport of CrossFit and providing them on going coaching and training on all pre-work programming along with CrossFit open and regional style workouts.  A top of the goal of improved skill work and exercise mechanics we will also be focusing on developing a strong team of individuals who are working out with a shared common goal. 

Class times:

- Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-8:00pm

Monthly Cost:

- $49.00/month


Register at the front desk or contact chad@synergystrength.ca