Synergy Strength - Remote CrossFit Program.



Are you or someone you know in a rural or remote are away from a coach and proper training facilities?  Have you always wanted to try something different or something new? If so, we are developing a program just for you.  The remote CrossFit Program will be developed to provide the following;

- Private member web access for programming and fitness/health information

- Coaching on a daily/weekly basis via video and text communication

- Programming tailored to your level of fitness and experience

- Access to nutritional consultations in person or via video conferencing

This programs goal is to create a remote/rural fitness community that can thrive and grow with the support and care of coaches and other members. Currently we are setting up a "pilot" project for a limited number of participants to test run the program. Long term the basic structure of the program will be developed for long term success and adherence.

The Remote CrossFit Program Path:



Contact Us - Please free to reach out to us and contact us with regard to the program for more details and info on exactly how it works.  We can then get your registered and on your path to better fitness.

Complete an On Ramp - The On Ramp is a "ramping" up of your ability, skills, and program understanding to ensure that you get started on the right foot. This must be done in house with us at Synergy, it is a full afternoon of learning and discussion - designed to teach basic movement patterns needed for base program and understand the basics of nutrition as well.  This is mandatory to join the program as our goal is not to simply throw a program at you and let you blindly follow it - our goal is to develop you as an athlete (everyone is an athlete) and ensure that your progress and safety concerns are met.

Start base program - The base program is designed to develop base movements and develop a foundation of fitness and abilities to be bale to move forward with progression and a long term focus in mind.  The base program will run 2-3 months.

Continue to level 01 - The level 01 program is simply an extension of the base program designed to continue your learnings of movements and advance your tool box off exercises to work with.  This program can last as long as you like and possibly be your staple program moving forward for a very lengthy time - this depends on your goals and aspirations.

**Base and Level 01 programs are designed to be completed with basic equipment - A kettlebell, a pair of dumbbells, and a skip rope....thats it. We can make very exciting and unique programming with only these simple tools.

Upgrade On Ramp to Level 02 - This is the next step in your fitness adventure - this typically will not come without at least 3-9 months of training under your belt.  You will now need to advance to increased levels of equipment (barbell and plates, squat rack, pull-up station, and all level 01 equipment).  The increased equipment will require a much higher level of understanding of the movements, so this makes the Level 02 On Ramp necessary.

Continue to Level 02 - You will now receive the level 02 programming access and you will then continue on your journey with new evolved workouts to advance your fitness abilities.

More to come - this is the fun part - we have much more planned and much more to come with this program....await and see.

How does coaching work?

Working with a coach will be easy and seamless - you will work with your own private coach over video messaging and text messaging to get feedback on your progress and you lifting technique.  Coaches will work with you to understand your program and your direction and basic nutritional needs.  As mentioned before we are not wanting to simply through a program at you and have you try  to follow it.  The goal is to develop a fitter version of you and that takes patience and time.  You will contact your coach anywhere between 3-6x/weekly - they will be your personal trainer.

How to register?

Right now we have very limited spots available for our PILOT program, which begins very soon - November 01.  We will be running two onRamp s for individuals wanting to join - October 24th, 1:00-4:oo pm and November 07th 1:00-4:00pm. 

If you want to join the pilot program simply contact Synergy Strength at (306)979-9348 or  We do have a few spots available and we will run the pilot program for 2 months leading into the new years at which time we will begin a more formal program. The cost of the pilot program is $99/month.