Synergy Now OPEN on Stat Holidays - come one come all


For the last few years we have always been closed on stat holidays, but based on the feedback of our members we are now going to be open on stat holidays for you all to take part in workouts.  These days will be "special" workouts; Comp workouts, game workouts, hero workouts, etc. This next Monday for the September stat we will be open between the hours of 11:00am-2:00pm to complete much of the first day of the BCBD.  It does not matter if you are an athlete of the BCBD of not, but the fist stat holiday workout will be a small variation of the BCBD Day 01.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us on these stat holidays - they are considered free workout days for all. 

A. Max effort Snatch and Clean and Jerk

**For those in the BCBD you will have ample warm-up time and then 6min to load and find your numbers in each.

**For those not in the BCBD - you will have 30min to find both max lifts (weightlifting total)

B. BCBD WOD #3 - Part A and B

Part A - MU or pull-ups and thrusters

Part B - Power snatch and burpees

**BCBD athletes - choose your scaling for the comp.  All others will do this as  partner wod as well and choose their scalings - we will run heat times throughout he hour to get done.

C. Sprint at Park (Optional)

- We will be setting up cones in a very similar pattern as the BCBD and running heats for everyone to experience and enjoy the outdoors as well as BCBD WOD #4.