Strongman coaching update



Starting November 01, 2015 we will be adjusting the Strongman program coaching roles at Synergy Strength.

Quinton Falk will be officially taking on the programming, and coaching roles of the strongman program at Synergy Strength.  Up to this point in time the roles have been shared by Quinton, Chad and John, as of November John and Chad will be taking on assistant roles while Quinton will heads up the program.


How does the program work? 

- Quinton will be making and distributing the full months program to all strongman/woman athletes in advance.  The program is a individualized program with 4x/week training (including the weekend events training day).

- Quinton will coach once a week strongman "events" training on Sundays 10am-12pm (sometime it rolls over to 1pm)

- Quinton will provide weekly video review coaching (remotely) for all athletes to ensure that they are progressing and moving forward properly

Who can take part? 

Anyone can get started training strongman at Synergy Strength and there are two methods of training that are best.

1. Join the program full time and work with Quinton to develop a program and a direction that works for you.

2. Drop in ($15/session) to the weekend events training day and complement your program with CrossFit, powerlifting or other specialty sports.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Synergy Strength @ (306)979-9348 or