What is this Program all about?

This is by far one of the most interesting classes we offer.  The mobility class is a combination of multiple methods of stretching, foam rolling, myo-fascial release, and movement quality improvement.  This is not your basic yoga or pilates class, but so much more as it applies to not only general health, but improvement in your workouts as well due to increased range of motion, suppleness, and movement efficiency.  This Synergy offering can be added to your weekly routine after workouts or on rest days to improve your strength levels via better position, to decrease your potential for injury by improving joint range of motion,  to decrease soreness and increase recovery potential, as well as increase your quality of life with increased mobility.  Anyone and everyone can use increased mobility.



We are creating a mobility program that will provide the most effect and efficient way to improve your flexibility. This program will also enhance movement patterns and quality and help restore function. It will reduce the potential for injury and ease many aches and pains that are the result of restricted mobility.

We are using a combination of many different methods for improving mobility. An important focus will be on breathing techniques to enhance stretching. Methods will include self myofacial release, undulating stretches, assisted stretches, PNF stretches, deep facial stretches and restorative postures. We will also use active stretches, which improve functional movement patterns.

Each class will combine the techniques to optimize your stretching according to our focus for the day. We will use a whole body, rather than an isolated approach to stretching. We want to improve functionality, movement patterns and restore a functional range of motion where possible. Once you remove the limiting factor of restricted mobility, you will enjoy more freedom of movement, less pain and the potential to increase your performance. Improving your mobility pairs well with increasing your strength.




TUESDAY (September 8th - 29th)

5pm: Banded Series for Shoulders


WEDNESDAY (September 9th - 30th)

9am: Functional Mobility


THURSDAY (September 10th - October 1st)

5pm: Yin for Hips

6pm: Overhead Mobility