tyler siwak


After attending one of Synergy’s bring-a-friend days Tyler was hooked on CrossFit. He bravely decided to take the plunge, thinking it would be beneficial as cross-training for his MMA fighting.  How long have you been coaching: Since August of 2015.  Why do you coach at Synergy? I am very social and enjoy meeting new people combined with fondness for both teaching and coaching. Synergy allows me to watch people compete and achieve things they didn't they were capable of. The success of PRs are something I like celebrating with others in the gym. Coaching gives me the opportunity to be a leader within our CF community.What do you love about Synergy and CrossFit:  I am competitive by nature and competition is something I live for. Regardless of skillset or experience level, the sense community at Synergy is awesome. The facility we train in has something for everyone, there is an opportunity for all members, both new and old, to succeed every day, in some aspect of their training CrossFit is sport with a ton of potential and opportunity. My background and skillset have allowed me to quickly progress in the sport. Each workout brings a new challenge and I like to test myself. This sport is constantly evolving and I am excited to see where I can go with it.

Sports Backgrounds 

- 5-year U of S Huskie running back

     - National championship in 1998

     - 3rd leading rusher in huskie history

- Professional wrestler, MMA fighter, Well-rounded athlete. 

- National qualified weightlifter – 94kg class

- Synergy Regional Team member - 2014

Coaching credentials


Favorite lifts or WODs

C&J: 155kg/341lbs

Back Squat: 240kg/531lbs

DL: 284kg/625lbs

Fran: 2:33

FGB: 396

500m row: 1:24.6