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Healthy Addiction

September 2015; After a discussion with my wife in weeks previous we decided to try to eat

and live a little healthier. Myself being a smoker and some what of a drinker and indulger of

anything deemed unhealthy, I knew I had some big hurdles to clear in coming days/months

if I was really going to kick my habits. Going to “a” gym was not going to cut it, I needed

motivation and I needed myself to feel the down falls of my dirty habit. I set off to Mr,

Google and searched “Getting Fit”. In my search I found gimmicks and quick fixes, I found

dvd’s and apps. In these searches I also found this challenging and motivating fitness trend

called crossfit!

October 2015; Synergy Strength just so happened to be close to my place of employment

and after some internet sleuthing and a drop in to check the place out one lunch hour. I now

find myself signed up for my “On Ramp”. Well after meeting Erin my first class and Laurie

in my second class I could see this wasn't going to be easy but I was going to learn a lot!

I started my first regular classes during my lunch hours. Day one was unbelievably

intimidating a class full of extremely fit ladies and gentlemen and one patient coach Jason

Trinh. After a couple classes I got comfortable really comfortable. The Noon Crew was

awesome and with in these couple classes I felt welcomed and a team spirit like something I

had not experienced in years. I will tell you that I felt better about myself and my body was

responding great to my new experiences. Yes, I was hooked! And “Getting Fit”

December 2015; After a few months at Synergy I was on a very regular schedule and feeling

great, but still carrying my dirty habit. I smoked for the better part of 20 years started as a

teenager. I was no longer needing motivation to quit it was staring me right in the eyes. I

rarely drank anymore, I was eating much better, And I had a great support group everyday.

My family, specifically my wife and children were my reason for these changes I was

seeking. Still I smoked...!

One day while out Christmas shopping with my wife Michele I received a call from coach

Laurie. She had the wonderful idea of me signing up for the Cast Iron Classic. Me? I said!

Ha.. I don't think you have the right person for this I say. If any of you have met coach

Laurie I need not tell you she can be very convincing. My wife knowing my competitive

nature could see my intrigue and so with her support I took off looking at a new year in the

near future and new found reason of self improvement and more motivation.

Speaking of motivation Coach Lou-anne was now my regular coach with my classes now

frequenting in the afternoon 4pm class. She knew my goals and she kept me accountable all

the way to the new year. I know she asked me every class, “Quit smoking yet?”, “Why do you

smoke anyway look how far you've come” and to my foolish response “not yet” or “soon”.

January 2016; The 2nd to be precise, I kicked it! No more cigarettes. I had said this before

but this time I meant it. I spent the rest of this month pushing my limits after all I was going

to be an athlete in only 21 days. I was teamed up with a fabulous group from the synergy

community, of who I only met the morning of the competition. It was a blast, in fact it only

made me want more out of this journey I was taking. Oh yes and the smoking addiction was

becoming easier and easier to manage. To be honest my body was loving and responding so

well to my life changes, there was no looking back!



Spring 2016; Well spring is here and so is the Summer Shred. I had planned on taking a

nutrition class with coach Laurie earlier in the winter but the over load of changes I had

been going through I just said my coarse, and keep up my regular visits 5 or more days a

week. I took no measurements, I took no pictures, I scaled myself and I took what I was

learning very serious. After only a couple weeks I had lost some pounds yes, but I was

stronger! My Pr’s were changing weekly. I cook at home, I don’t “make” supper I cook

Supper. I’m not perfect and I have two small boys at home, but if I had to I cooked two

meals and made sure that what I was eating would meet the approval of the Summer Shred

community. I stayed the course through and through. I took days to eat and enjoy drinks

with friends, but quickly returned to my discipline. As a result I’m happy and educated and

I will carry this to every shopping venture I make for the rest of my days. I never imagined

myself to be the guy reading multiple labels pacing the aisles cursing “SUGAR” but here I

am. So at an end of my long winded story I am carrying a consistent weight of which I’m

happy with. I am 20lbs lighter than when I started in October. I drink 12 glasses of water

everyday and it has even become “habit” a healthy habit. I eat protein in which I scale my

portions and pack a strong and whole lunch everyday to show up at Synergy every

afternoon and crush it! I had no Idea the impact the food we fuel ourselves with would

make the differences I see. Here I thought I was eating “healthy”.

The Summer Shred is not just the last 12 weeks, Its not over, Its just beginning. Eat clean live

Healthy and strong.

To all those facing bad habits, unwanted weight, or Change! I am here to testify That if

there was ever a tiger to trade his stripes, its me! Fitness is my new - Healthy Addiction

“Success is not final,

Failure is not fatal,

it is the courage to continue that counts”

- Winston Churchill

Thank you to my wife Michele and my two boys Ethan & Reid your love and support gives

me more reasons than I’ll ever need to live long and healthy, and Everyone!, in the Synergy

Community, staff and members. Cheers to you, See ya at the gym.

Yours smoke free, Wade Corriveau