Susan march


Susan March

Synergy Strength is....REAL!!

It's an understatement to say how much I appreciate this place! If asked what my favourite thing about Synergy is.. I'd say the answer is constantly changing and I want 2 answers everyday!   1- the physical task that gave me that "high"

2- the energy/support/drive of the members and staff!

So, today my favorite thing was attempting handstands, AND seeing my gym partner ADD 10 more pounds on the bar when strict pressing in the 6th round of a WOD. And telling me I was strong enough to do this! (She was right!!)

If someone is reading this with no gym knowledge, insecure, heard horror stories of crossfit...let me tell a Mom.. Synergy is a game changer! You'll be cared for with just the right amount tough love! No mirrors! YAY! It's still new enough in my mind to feel those first few classes!  I survived! I'm still in awe of how empowering it is to use a barbell!

And pumped that I can out lift some of my male friends!

Staff- I could name each staff member and point out their strengths. But it doesn't matter. They are all good, and I thank each of them for helping me in ways I had no idea needed helping. Who knew MENTAL toughness was so important!!

Funny thing though- I was working out for a few weeks and I honestly couldn't figure out who all worked at Synergy. I was constantly getting good advice on technique, high fives, a way to go Sue!! I came to realize that the staffs training and positivity had spread thru out the gym!

I never in a million years would have thought a place with weightlifters, powerlifters, strongmen and crossfitters would be a place where I felt that I was HOME!!