Rod janzen


rod janzen

On Nov 3rd 2015 I had my first class at Synergy Strength. I found the classes fun and hard work which is what I really needed. I have been to traditional gym’s before with no coach or group of people cheering, encouraging and helping me along the way to being fit. That has never worked out for me as I’ve always quit within a few months. I’ve found the atmosphere at Synergy to be very positive and have totally enjoyed getting fit while having fun. I have work to do in certain areas which I want to develop for my own reasons and staying on track is so easy with a fun group of people. Yes the work can be intense but that’s why you join ! I didn’t change my diet at all until March of 2016 as I found getting stronger was nice but I still weighed 285 and not much was changing on the scale. I really focused on eating smarter along with working out harder and keeping my energy level high. This can be TOUGH ! I encourage anyone reading this to get some coaching from the team here about eating smart, training hard and staying on task. I know there is no other format like crossfit that I’ve found to be as good for strength, flexibility and enjoyment. My picture from Sept 2015 hunting elk shows me at roughly 285lbs and the gym picture from Nov 3rd 2016 I weighed in that day at 236lbs !!   Thank-you so much to Chad and the crew at Synergy Strength for kicking my butt !!   Signed Rod Janzen aka Rouge