Linda CLose

I was first introduced to crossfit when a friend brought me to a Synergy “Bring a Friend Day”. It was fun but I also remember that I couldn’t walk for about a week later because I was so stiff from the workout.  It was a couple of years later that I actually joined. I was just turning 50 and was slowly putting on extra weight that I couldn’t seem to lose. I felt I needed to find a gym to help me lose the weight and get into better physical condition. The gym that I had a membership with had just closed. I’d never really done weight training before – mainly because I didn’t know how to and was too shy to ask. I’d always done aerobics and liked the class/instructor type of workout. That’s when I decided to give Synergy a try.  It was very intimidating in the beginning – seeing all the other very fit members doing the workouts and putting out their max efforts with each workout. There were many times within the first few months that I couldn’t believe I was still coming. But it became addictive.  

What keeps me coming back to Synergy Strength? There a number of reasons. I know it’s been mentioned many times by other members – but number one is the community atmosphere at the gym.  The coaches are all very helpful and encouraging as are all of the other members. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. You are constantly making new friends.  Then there’s always my personal challenge to do better than I did the time before and also the challenge of what the coaches are going to make me do today.

Coming to Synergy has made me healthier and stronger and more able to do the other activities I enjoy outside of the gym such as canoeing and kayaking. I have just recently taken up running. I feel that by coming to Synergy I have built my endurance to enable me to continually improve in my running.

This last spring I joined the Summer Shred Challenge at Synergy. Although I’d realized a lot of benefits already from doing crossfit I still carried that unwanted excess weight. Participating in the 12 week summer shred challenge was a great experience for me. I learned and acquired better eating habits. But best of all I lost over 20lbs. I am now back at the weight I was when I graduated from high school.

Coming to Synergy Strength has been a good fit for me. It’s fun, and challenging at times, but mostly personally rewarding.