Kaylee eden


Kaylee Eden

My name is Kaylee, The picture above is about a year difference. Two years ago I decided to start going to synergy strength, my previous gym was a typical gym with weight machines and treadmills and I would run 45 minutes 6 days a week. After gaining about 30 pounds in six months I decided to step up my game. I decided to check out Synergy Strength when they had a New Year's resolution promotion at their gym. I told friends that I was starting CrossFit some were supportive and some more curious if I was worried about becoming "butch" or too "muscular". In my mind it didn't matter because I was already overweight if I became strong and overweight at least then I was strong too.
I did CrossFit for about six months and that is around the time I took my before picture (I had already seen improvement and a friend convinced me to take a "before" picture) It was at that time that I switched over to doing Olympic weightlifting and also did a nutrition program that my gym promoted. I kept a food diary and made a new meal plan (that I still follow).
Dawn convinced me to talk to my doctor about thyroid issues and that was when I was diagnosed with hypo thyroidism. Dawn also shared her knowledge about eating to perform, this was a huge turning point in my lifting, I now knew how to fuel my body properly. In about June 2016 I finally felt like I had the knowledge about protein carbs and fats and how to eat them. I am so very thankful for the time she set aside to share her knowledge.
I usually get my supplements from Hercs nutrition the staff there are not just trying to fill you with crap but trying to fuel your body, The staff there care about getting the best products and being informed about what they sell. Hercs staff is more than willing to help you understand what would work best for you (no matter your size). Ever try one of their herc shakes? So good!

When I decided to start doing weightlifting I practiced with very light weight building form for a solid couple of months I believe that these were fundamental building blocks (that if I forget I know my coach will correct) Chad Benko gave out lifting programs and never made me feel stupid for asking questions. We started doing lifting classes (twice a week) and my form improved even more!
Synergy has such kind staff, who not only greet you with a smile but are building a community. Synergy wants to build people up, and see them succeed and this really shines through the people who work there. They give advice and cheer you on. Having lower back pain? See their in gym chiropractor Alex. He gives great advice on how to protect your spine during lifts, he'll have your back. Having trouble getting full depth in your squat? See Crystal she has the low down on mobility.
The regulars at the gym have adapted to the synergy vibe and also build people up. From chatting on the red mat about how to roll out sore muscles, to tightening your core more on your lift on the platforms. I have learned to love this sport more and more. It has improved my posture and my breathing, and of course my strength.
I can't wait to see what 2017 brings to my health and yours.