Dave norris

My #synergystrength journey oddly enough started because I read a book and if you know me that's rare.  I was at an agriculture conference and Brett Wilson the entrepeneur was there.  His book was called "Redefining Success".  Because I'm interested in business, marketing and making more money I read the book.  To my surprise his #1 key was taking care of your health.  Putting time in so you can have a better, healthier future.  It was the permission I needed to put time into me.  So I decided I was going to get in shape.  My wife was already and member and so was many of her friends so I joined Synergy.  I didn't know what crossfit was or really anything about it.  The only advice she gave me was to not criticize the music.

I started April 14th, 2014.  My first workout was Fran.  Everyone laughed at me when I told them that was my first day.  I was 44 years old and 213 lbs.  I did Fran in 12-9-7 reps with a 55 lb thruster and 2 green bands for pullups.  It took me 7:09.

Today I'm 184 lbs, I'm healthy, happy and motivated.  I've competed in the Beatdown, Cast Iron Classic and 2 opens.  Even thou I'm getting older I feel like I'm getting faster and stronger.

What I appreciate about Synergy is there goal is that I get better.  Having chiro, massage, nutrition, fascia on hand with people that understand the sport.  I like the normal programming and the pre work programming.  The coaches are motivating and positive and help push me to next level.  All of the members have great attitudes.  They are motivating, supportive, encouraging, demanding and competitive.  My wife tells me each workout is not a race.  Maybe it isn't but the member athletes sure motivate me to bring my A game most days.  But what I really gravitate to is the specialty progamming such as LT2, Saturday a.m. weightlifting and Synergy shred program.  I learn so much from these programs and I improve because of them.  My goal is to graduate to the T2W program and make it into the top 20 in Western Canada for the masters division in next years open.  I believe if I put the time in Synergy will get me there.

On second thought maybe it's not about the individual PR's and accomplishments but rather proving to yourself that you can achieve things you never thought possible.  I guess that applies to the rest of my life too.  Thanks Synergy.