brooke anderson


brooke anderson

I'm sure I'm not the first person who has struggled with motivation. Whether it's eating well or exercising I always managed to find an excuse not to, until I joined the synergy summer shred challenge in April.

The 12 week program consisted of nutrition sessions and clean eating challenges designed to help you build healthy eating habits. One month into the program I tried a free week of crossfit at Synergy and was hooked.

In the past I had been very skeptical of crossfit, I thought it would be too hard on my body and that my boyfriend and anyone else who worked out that way was crazy! I soon realized how inaccurate my assumptions were. Yes, the workouts are very hard, but the feeling of finishing a workout that you never thought you could is incredible. I learned that although you push yourself harder than ever before,  you always remain in control and can easily scale back the routines to meet your personal fitness level.  And although it's a competitive sport, the people you're "competing" against are the first people to cheer you on if they finish before you.  

The best part about joining Synergy isn't the weight loss, or that I'm stronger, or the higher level of energy I magically have every day even without coffee, it's that I no longer need motivation to eat well and go to the gym. It's fun. I look forward to getting to the gym every day and trying to lift a heavier weight than last week. I enjoy eating healthy because it makes me physically feel better. I only wish I had stopped looking for excuses sooner!