AL senko


Al Senko

I encourage everyone to go into the shred, it's a fantastic program delivered with straight forward talk about healthy eating. When I joined crossfit in February I was looking to lose a few pounds and get healthier.   Shortly after joining Synergy, the summer shred (healthy eating program) started and I joined. I was introduced to a way of healthy eating and new ways to stay on track.  The pounds came off, my energy level went up and I felt great. I am able to do more with crossfit than I ever thought I was possible because of Synergy and the Summer Shred. The coaches made it very enjoyable to be part of Synergy - they tell you to leave the ego at home - all the people who are in it with you have the same goal and you have the support of everyone, it's high 5’s after every class. To date I have lost 22 lbs, and 4 inches off my waist, Laurie still gives me advice so even after the program they are still there to help. Old cliche but if I can do it anyone can. Oh ya, I did have one gain and that was in my bank account (Won the $500 prize) for losing the most weight! I raise my glass of water to everyone who participates in the shred I mean 8 to 12 glasses a day - join the shred and find why so much water is necessary!