The targeted strength program is built from the foundations of the Strength Rebels program and its training principles.  The strength Rebels (Scotty Butcher and Chad Benko) believe in a foundation of strength on which to build function and ability. 

"Movement is the foundation for strength. Strength is the structure upon which capacity for all of life's demands is built."

At first glance the targeted strength program may look very similar to many other programs we offer at Synergy as it incorporates powerlifting, conditioning, and general strength training, but the actual structure and practice are very different than our other programs.  Targeted Strength is geared towards a slightly different population with unique goals.  Targeted Strength participants' goals are similar to other Synergy members as they are striving towards increased health, strength, and fitness, but the participants we work with many times have increased barriers to exercise participation.  These barriers might be past injuries, physical ailments, or simply low conditioning level or tolerance to exercise.  Our targeted training staff are experienced to handle a wide variety of participant backgrounds.  This program is directed and aimed specifically at;

- Post-Rehab - Those who are have finished rehab and are still having difficulty returning to exercise or work.  We can work along side your physiotherapist or continue where they left off.  With our physiotherapy and clinical exercise backgrounds we feel more than capable of taking on any issue presented to us.

- Masters - We do offer a general strength and conditioning program for masters, but this the masters taking part in the Targeted Training program typically have specific needs regarding exercise and training, which makes them great candidates for the Targeted program. .

- General Population - de-conditioned, etc. 


Environment is less intimidating, foundational to all that we do, can be a stepping stone program as well.