Synergy Strength Members App

Download the Synergy Members App to stay connected with the Synergy community through your own mobile device.  You can check the workouts, directly from your APP, search the Synergy blog, book professional service appointments, sign-in to classes as well. register for Synergy events, and manage your account all in one spot.

You can download the Synergy App for either IOS or Android straight out of the app store - simply search "Synergy Strength Members App".  Download the app and use it instantly. 


 Synergy Strength APP coverpage

Synergy Strength APP coverpage

 Synergy APP Home Screen

Synergy APP Home Screen

 Synergy Sports Therapy - appointment bookings.

Synergy Sports Therapy - appointment bookings.

 Cover page & HOME SCREEN -

The first page to load will be the cover page, which is similar to the Synergy website (left image above).  following the cover page the next page to appear will be the app home screen, which will provide you the multiple options Synergy has available.  This screen gives you direct access to;

- APPOINTMENTS - professional service providers (Massage, Chiropractic, etc.)

- CROSSFIT CLASSES - this will allow you to register for classes.  Some use this instead of using the Synergy Strength sign-in cards (provided to you in your onramp).  Others use it as a personal commitment scheduling tool.  This is available for North East, South East, and Central classes. 

- SEMINARS and EVENTS - this is where you can instantly register for Synergy events, workshops, fundraisers, and other competitions we host, which we host many. 

- WEBSITE HOME - this is a direct access to our website.

- CROSSFIT WOD's - this tab is direct access to the Synergy blog and weekly workouts.  Members can use this to access their pre or post class work as well as the actual class workout from day to day to "get prepared".

- THESE FISTS FLY - this is again a direct access the the TFF online store.  If you want to keep up on what TFF is doing and our newest pieces in stock...this is an easy access tool. 

- STRENGTH REBELS - Scotty Butcher (UofS prof) and Chad Benko (Synergy owner) host an online vlog for access to exercise techniques, assessment protocols, rants, and other interesting rehab, fitness, and sport tools.  This tab will direct you to the Strength Rebels facebook page to keep up to date with what we are doing and chatting about. 

- MY CLASSES, MY PURCHASES, MY ACCOUNT & more - you can track your purchases and account with Synergy here.  Its the easiest access site for you to get up to date info on your relationship with Synergy.