What is Synergy Garage?

Garage is an exercise program for those with limited time, limited equipment, and limited space.  We are all busy, but we also know the benefits of physical exercise, Garage allows you to train anywhere with as much or as little equipment as you have access to. 


workouts delivered daily

Synergy Garage will deliver workouts (WOD's) daily via the Garage App as well as the private Garage social groups.  All WOD's will have multiple "scalings" offered to accommodate those with limited equipment and space - anyone, and everyone can participate in the Synergy Garage. 


Stay connected - Private members access

All Synergy Garage members will have access to private social media groups to receive detailed explanations of movements, daily workouts, and much more.  Coaches will submit daily videos explaining the daily WOD, with a WOD demonstration, and appropriate modifications based on your fitness level and equipment availability. 


Track everything - Synergy Garage app

Daily workouts will be posted on our Synergy Garage app - you will be able to view, track, log, and communicate with other members via our app, which is easily downloaded to your phone.  Train anywhere, anytime, with Synergy Garage. 


Costs - $24.99/month

Synergy Garage costs less than $1.00/day.  Join the Synergy Family as a member of the Synergy Garage and gain access to all the amazing things we do.   

No contracts, no commitments, get started today. 

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Get registered NOW

Click the "GET REGISTERED" link below to move to the official Synergy Garage webpage. 


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Synergy Garage

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